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Re: Carved wooden bench


Re: UPDATE: Practical Furniture Design from Fine Woodworking

I am in. Pick me! Pick me!

Re: Burl Corner Table

That is a really cool table, it just says "STRENGTH"! I love the big legs, and the burl top looks great too.

Re: An Australian Roubo workbench

Wow. Wow.

Beautiful. I bet you could sell that for huge $$ for someone to use in the house, and it would still look fantastic.

Jarrah, though. Did someone die and leave you a Jarrah ranch? Otherwise, what kind of mortgage do you have on that thing?

Re: Dream Workbench

How can you look at that and not get bitten by the bug? It really is beautiful. I hope to be able to steal a lot of you features someday.

For me, I would want to lengthen it out a couple of feet and put a kneehole between the drawers. I have back problems, plus I like to sit at my bench working on other hobbies as well.

Re: Building a Cherry TV Cabinet with Hand Tools - Part II

I really like the article so far. I have learned some interesting things about japanese tools. (you might want to check spelling and usage in the captions, though!)

Re: Self-Centering Mortising Base for the Router

I like the idea, too, and have used other variations. I have run into one problem, though.

If you let the router body rotate even just a little while making the cut the bit will follow. It is pretty easy to mess up a piece that way.

Re: jewellery box

I really love the lines (or curves, that is!) on your box. Can I ask how you put the nice gentle curveon the sides? I feel like I should be able to figure that out, but I am stuck! Thanks!

Re: UPDATE: Building Small Cabinets by Doug Stowe

Please count me in - Frank Spillman.

Re: David Charlesworth needs our help

Mouppe - you were probably correct both times!

Any more updates?

Re: David Charlesworth needs our help

Does it matter? I would bet that both of them are human beings. Just a guess.

Re: "For Kjærlighet"

That is just beautiful. Anybody's "Love" would be awestruck to receive that.

Re: UPDATE: Building Doors & Drawers by Andy Rae

Count me in. I would love the book.

Re: Painful Box

I might have given it to her...in tiny little pieces. Or with a booby trap. Nothing really harful, maybe a stink bomb.

Re: An Australian Roubo workbench

Agree with the others, I really like the color. Very nice piece of work!

Re: A box fit for a future King & Queen.

That is beautiful. Is there any way to explain how you did the leather work?I have worked with leather a bit, I would love to learn how you covered all those individual compartments. Again, that is just beautiful.

Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

I don't believe that 1/8 of a second is fast enough. You will have moved your hand, finger, whatever a significant distance into the blade and will likely still have a serious injury. It might stop you from losing a hand, but you might still lose a finger.

Still, it is a start. I hope he is continuing to improve the product. I would like to hear more about how it works.

I rarely use a guard. I am usually using a sled or a jig of some kind.

Re: Box made of Paduck

The color and grain of the padauk are beautiful. I have a bunch stashed...time to start making sawdust out of it I guess, you inspired me! Really nice.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: 4 "issues" of The Missing Shop Manual series

I have been looking at some of these books, they look pretty good!

Re: Accurate crosscuts on the tablesaw

Besides, DH, how many subscribers do you really think are working in a production shop? Most of the content I've seen is clearly aimed at amateurs.

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