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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Was the man misled perhaps?? Did someone misrepresent the safety features of the saw in question by telling him that he should have a reasonable expectation that the saw in question had the new saw break technology??? Did something, or someone lead him to have a reasonable expectation that although the machine could cut Oak, it would not cut his fingers??? Did he have a reasonable expectation to assume, that should he hurt himself through misadventure, he deserved-and could obtain in court-a cash award to ameliorate the damages??
Was he lead to believe that anything but safe, attentive, use of the machine would lead to any other outcome but grievous personal injury??? Perhaps the man bought the saw without the new technology simply because he could not afford it, or he didn't think it necessary, or trustworthy. Perhaps he used the machine thinking his own personal skill, and care,made the use of a machine that did have the technology unnecessary?? In what kind of world does this man live??? I don't think this 1.5-million dollar award from the court is the fault of the lawyers either, after all, their job is to follow the instructions of their client/.
And we all know what kind of a planet he calls home.

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