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Greene and Greene Influenced Queen Bed

I spent over a year building this Greene and Greene influenced bed.  I didn't use any specific plans, but referenced the Greene and Greene drawings for basic dimensions.  The bed is made from...

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Re: Greene and Greene Influenced Queen Bed

Thanks for the comments. I am calling the inlay "bolection" simply because it is the same method used on the Greene & Greene panels and that is what they called it. Intarsia also seems to fit, but I'm not sure if that is actually inlaid and raised above the panels, or just he knitting together of pieces.

I drew my inlay out on paper, then made many copies of it. I then milled some inlay stock to various thicknesses, and taped about three pieces of the thin wood together with the drawing on top of the stack held together with double-stick tape. I used a scroll saw to cut the main shape as well as the interior cuts of each piece. I then had around 3 copes for each inlay piece, and chose the best combination of wood grain and thickness to best fit the inlay. I sanded the edges of each final inlay piece, and then used them to trace a fine line on the panel. I routed the panel with that line, and then fit the pieces into each routed cavity. I then shaped, sanded, and finished each inlay piece before the final glue and setting of each inlay piece.

I couldn't find much on this process either, so this was done by trial and error, so hopefully this explanation helps someone.


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