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Re: Dovetails Just Got a Little Easier

Great idea. Now put about 240 grit PSA sandpaper on both sides of the block and when you apply pressure, neither the block or the tail/pinboard will creep.I even have a small piece of sandpaper applied to my dovetail layout pattern and it stays dead still when I carelessly apply sideways pressure with my marking knife..

Re: Have you seen Tommy Mac's new woodworking show? Let us know what you think.

Hey guys,
I am really surprised at the intollerence and impatience exhibited here. I met Tommy at the woodworking in America event last week in Ky. He seemed like a really great guy; outgoing and passionate about woodworking. It might take a few shows to get in the groove but I think he has the talent and determination. Remember the beautiful tiger maple desk Norm built one season ? It looked great on the outside until you opened one of the small drawers revealing plywood sides and back. Norm was a carpenter, Tommy is a woodworker ! Give him a chance. If he can smooth things out we will have a much better foundation for fine craftsmanship. I enjoyed Norm for many years and was sometimes inspired by him. We woodworkers have a habit of being snooty and aloof at times. Take a deep breath and cross your fingers and I'll bet Tommy will win out in the end.
Shawn Nystrom
Suffolk, Va.
Proud member: Tidewater woodworkers guild, Society of period furniture makers.

Re: Jon Rael - Joinery-Design Shop

My inital impression was "this guy doesn't do any work" ! No stacks of lumber in the corners, patterns hanging on the walls or sawdust anywhere. After looking at your web site I see I was very wrong. Many beautiful pieces! I have been in the HVAC business for years and through my work have seen hundreds of shops of all types. From the most complete high end shop imaginable owned by a group of dentists that made whirly-gigs and bookends, to a converted chicken house in Surry, Va. The only power tools there were an old Craftsman 4" jointer-8" table saw combo unit and a 14 " bandsaw. That guy was the most meticulous craftsman I ever saw. He was carving a ball and claw foot sample to send to NY for approval. It was for a set of 10 chairs consigned for 10K each. The shop does not make the woodworker but..... it sure is nice to have a great one !! Congratulations. Next time don't clean before the photos, It adds character.

Re: Tommy MacDonald and WGBH pursue a new woodworking show

I have watched Norm faithfully for many years and learned quite allot from him. I even ignored my snooty woodworker guild members who laughed at him and called him a "carpenter". There is no question that he was a tallented person who loved the craft. The prospect of this new show with its tallented host should certainly raise the bar of woodworking shows. Other than David Marks there has not been a quality show dedicated to the "Fine Woodworking" techniques many of us have come to love and appreciate. Norm was great and had his place but lets step it up a notch ! As far as sponsors... where is steel city, Powermatic, and Saw Stop ? I own tens of thousands of dollars of your product..... lets get going !
Shawn Nystrom
Suffolk, Va.

Re: 10 Ways to Avoid Shop Fires

I am an electrician and woodworker. There is a common problem that many woodworkers miss. That is the accumilation of superfine dust in electrical switch, junction, and outlet boxes. Take the cover off any box and give it a quick blase with an air hose. You will be amazed at the amount of dust that comes out. Now...pull your table saw or other stationary tool switch out of its box. (after turning off the power) Position it so you can safely turn it on and off and using a flashlight turn off all the shop lights at night. After killing the flashlight, switch the tool on and off in the dark. You will be surprised by the large, bright arc/flash that occurs when switching a tool off. Easily enough to ignite that accumulated dust in an elecrrical box. Very scary ! A PSC motor, the most common in our single phase shops has a centrifical switch in the end of the motor that creates a similar arc and if your motor is packed with dust under a table saw that is also packed with dust and shavings ......... Well, it is a disaster waiting to happen. There is no easy cure but start by sealing every box with silicone as airtight as possible. Also, it is best to use ONLY TEFC (totally enclosed) motors in our shops. Lastly, remove all the outlet covers a couple of times a year and give them a shot of air. Preventative maintenance is the best precaution ! Hope this helps protect your sometimes invaluable investments.
Shawn Nystrom, Suffolk, Va.

Re: iPad and Woodworking?

I have a veritable electronic woodworking life. I take digital photos of every project documenting progress and have those on my laptop. I also have templates and scale drawings I have aquired from fellow woodworkers. And last but not lease I have hundreds of videos downloaded from Fine Woodworkings site. If I could put all of that on Ipad and organize my woodworking stuff that would be great. I will watch the progress intently. Check out my new dream shop on facebook (shawn nystrom)

Re: Old Growth Pine Coffee Table

Nice Greene & Greene elements. Curious if that was your intention or it just ended up that way. If it was oak it could easily pass for an arts and crafts peice from that era.

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