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Re: Make a sled that handles both square and miter cuts

I'm not buying the single runner. My suspicion is the sled will be very hard to keep square to the blade with only one runner. For the cheap parts I think two sleds is a better idea. You can refresh the surface with 1/8" hardboard or 1/4" ply any time the you want to have zero clearance. And this allows any angle as well as dado stacks. The only limit is the blade height must be greater than the width of the stock plus the sled bed and the material used to refresh the sled surface.

Re: How Does a Fine Woodworker Change a Lightbulb?

No calipers to ensure a proper fit???

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Michael now I know why I didn't see the router plane or a space for one in your tool cabinet video series. I'm almost done with the sides of the case. I need to find a spot for both the 71 and 271 router planes...

Re: New tool cabinet packs in a lot of storage

I just started building this cabinet for my shop. I too have a fair amount of hand-planes. I was curious to know where you stored your router planes? I own both the small and large versions.
On a side note do you own/use plow and rabbet planes?

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

Who knew young Lex Luthor was a woodworker???

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