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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I haven't read all 181 post but agree with the over all consensus of posters so I won't repeat what has been said. Due to not reading all the post this may have already been said, but one other thought to throw in is, if lawsuits like this are allowed and awarded the end result will be that all of us pay much more for our tools. My family and I have been in the medical equipment business for over 25 years and this is exactly what has happened in our business. When people find out how much a wheelchair cost and comment of how high the price is, I point out to them how many lawsuits there have been against companies that make wheelchairs (a whole lot of bogus ones like this lawsuit) this results in product liability, lawyer fees and all the other very high expense of defending yourself, being added into the cost of the product. Medical equipment is too high, but a good portion of that is directly due to lawsuits. I hear of lawsuits like this one and I am afraid the government is going to take what I do for a hobby and make it so expensive that I will not be able to enjoy doing it any longer, due to I can't afford to. I guess lawyers and folks with their fingers cut off will be the only ones who can.

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