Walpole, MA, US

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Heart shaped Jewelry box

This heart shaped jewelry box was created from curly maple. Coated with a brown water based stain to highlight the curl, then sanded with 220 and stained with minwax redoak stain. A few coats of tung...

This is the new shop for Shaker Mills

I have outgrown the basement workshop and finally found shop space I can afford. This is currently the planned layout of the new shop and I am waiting for the electrician to wire it up. Youll...

Shaker Trestle table

This table was commissioned by a couple in Florida who found my website looking for a true shaker trestle table. After meeting with them, we decided on this design and cherry was the wood of choice...

Shaker Style Hall Tree

This customer had a need for a place to take off his shoes and hang up his coat, but he couldn't find anything that would not block his view out the back window. So he called me, and I gave him this...

Maple/Ash Kitchen Table

This shaker style kitchen table has a Sugar Maple top with a blonde shellac finish and a White Ash base with a black satin finish. The table frame uses Mortise and Tennon joinery.

Hickory chess table

This chess table came from a shagbark Hickory I cut off my property. The dark squares came from the heart wood.

Recent comments

Re: Shaker Hanging Shelves

Very Nice. I just built two of these last week, but I did not dovetail the bottom the way you did. I like yours better, plus I made mine out of pine. I wonder if we got the plan from the same book?

Re: Moated Chess Table™

Very Nice.

Re: Make Your Own Dowels

This sounds like a great idea, but it also sounds time consuming. I agree, there is nothing better than home made dowels. I use scraps from my project and just run them through the router table using a round over bit. You have to start about three inches in from one end and stop three inches in from the other end to keep square ends on the table, but you make four quick passes and your done. A little touch up with some sandpaper any your finished. Basically, a 1/8th round over bit will give you a 1/4 dowel and a 1/4 round over bit will give you a 1/2 dowel and so on.

Re: Federal style hall table

Very impressive. This is incredible work Frank.

Re: Shaker Wall Clock

Very Nice. Did you use a mechanical movement or a battery powered one?

Re: Burled Maple Coffee Table

Very well done. What did you use for a finish coat?

Re: SIdeboard

Very Nice. Do you work a lot with Veneer? I have not done any veneer work but just cut up a very nice croth section of black walnut. As a result I'm considering my hand at some veneer work to stretch the lumber a long way.

Re: Shaker Style Hall Tree

Yes, I used a small "L" bracket at the top behind the cove moulding so it remained hidden.

And thanks for the comments. :)

Re: Reproduction Trestle Table Circa 1820 Unionville, Ohio

I love the table, I'm actually researching this because I'm about to make one myself. The breadboard ends look really nice as well.

Re: Chess table

John, That is a very impressive table. I have a similar plan, however, I have only done the table top so far. I originally planned to do tapered legs, but changed my mind when I came up with the money for a lathe. As soon as I buy one I will begin the base of the table. My table top is made from Hickory. I used the heart wood for the darker pieces and then used a blonde shellac for the top. It's nice to see similar plans from other woodworkers.


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