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Re: Matt Kenney's Ultimate Jig


Re: Extraordinary Arts and Crafts Furniture

Quite an education, thank you! I really didn't know just how broad the Arts & Crafts movement really was. Styles like Arts & Crafts and Shaker get filtered-down to the most iconic pieces and elements, but when you look back you find that each style, historically, had far more breadth.

Re: The Ghostly Woodworker

Love stop-motion animation! This was very cool. I'm sure this must be a tedious process. Thank you for making and sharing this!

Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

From the comments here I get the impression that there are two extremes: you are either an Ecuadorian w/missing digits or a happy, healthy well-protected American. There seems to be precious little middle ground. Two seemingly opposing ideas can exist, and be true at the same time in this world. That some areas of the world are woefully far behind in safety, while in others you have safety inspectors insisting that a deaf worker put on ear protection (true story, although allegorical). I think it has as much, if not more, to do with prosperity and cultural capital as proper application of government policy. If the the government of Ecuador were to pass stringent safety regulations-how likely would it be to effect this guy or others like him?
Anybody got a used band saw we can ship down there?!

Re: Jere Osgood: Modesty and Mastery

Possibly the single most inspiring article I've read in over 20yrs of Fine Woodworking. More 'unsung heroes' please!

Re: Chris Gochnour's technique for inlaying stringing

The explanation is not terribly convincing, but experience and history trumps all! If it works, it works. I'll have to try this for myself, and keep the piece for at least a year! BTW - Chris's table design is graceful.

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