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Re: STL 55: Mike's Tool Chest Disaster

Hi all,

Great podcast and I do love listening to you all. Especially love when you interview professionals like Richard Raffan and alike. Also like the moments when you sometimes realize that to do fine wood working you not need monster jointers and enormous bandsaws etc..
There is one thing though, I think it is ok now to stop saying that the Tormek wet grinder rusts. Cause it does not. At least not since they switched to the stainless steel shaft introduced in, I believe, 2008. And the coating on the machine is very, very tough so you know I think it is ok if you drop this comment now. Another hint, the leather wheel is great and not the dark side of the Tormek.
Ed, get yourself a used Tormek if a new one is to spensy cause you will have tons of fun sharpening a lot of tools from your shop and your kitchen. I do not believe that Asa sharpens his wives fillet knives on the high or slow speed grinder:-) And if you do want to use one of those grinders anyway, Tormek now has the BGM-100 system which mounts in front of a grinder and the Tormek jigs can be used on there. Which is great for the HSS skew chisels that is actually a pain on the Tormek.
Lastly, let Mike speak more about handhools:-)

All the best from Sweden,

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