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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

I guess my feeling is that it is very rare to find a plan in any woodworking magazine that is not at least in some way "Insired" from some other plan or style. Most have elements, jointery methods, or accents copied from furinature makers like Green and Green for example. To sit back and say that a design or a plan is so unique that it could be considered "Original" is nothing but hippocritical. Even if it doesn't follow a traditional style most techniques were learned either from some other woodworker or a magazine. These people took these ideas collected from other sources and built something new but for the most part not unique or original and were given money to have the article published in a magazine for all to see. Do they in turn, take a portion of that money and pay the sources of those copied elements a per diem. No of course not. That is the purpose of woodworking magiazines. To share ideas and designs. If woodworkers don't want there designs copied then don't publish them.

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