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Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

I am a graphic design and fine woodworking hobbyist. As a graphic designer copyright and trademark issues arise often. As many have stated here already everyone's work has influence from something, this is how we learn. We study those before us to learn techniques and best practices. What we create using all our learned techniques and our own minds can rightfully be called our own.

If someone were to take a design of mine and mass produce it in an attempt to "get rich", it's both immoral and unethical.

With my woodworking I build from others plans to learn and enhance my skills, and from that I take all my influences and create my own works. The results are pieces I can take pride in knowing are my own. After all, how can you take pride in succeeding using something you didn't create.

I challenge everyone to be creative, combine all your influences and inspirations and continue to fill the world with new unique pieces of fine woodworking. Because, if someone else has already done it, who wants to see it again? Not me...I want something new and different.

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