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My name is Ron Messersmith and Ive been a woodworker for over 45 years. I have run shops in Hawaii, New Hampshire, Ohio, South Carolina and now Washington State. My work ranges from furniture in many styles; Queen Ann, Chippendale, Mission, Shaker and my own designs, Windsor chairs, Pen/Pencils, jewelry boxes, bowls and wood toys. My real love is wood toys and I make many of my own designs but I also borrow from others, such as Toys and Joys out of Lynden, Washington. My major income comes for furniture repairs and antique restoration. You can visit my web site to get a better picture of what I do.

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Bubinga Display Cabinet

I haven't posted in a while.  This display case was made to house the "Jupiter", an American 4-4-0 locomotive I made last year.  It is made of bubinga.

Toys and Joys Front End Loader

Toys and Joys Front End Loader.  Made of curly maple.  Toys and Joys is a company out of Lynden, Washington that provides nice blueprints for toys.  The prints state their toys are for...

Mahogany Vanity w/mirror

This is a copy of an antique vanity that came through my shop for repairs.  I loved the design so I made cardboard templates of the piece and made a copy from a solid piece of Honduras Mahogany.

Comb Back Windsor Bar Stools

Pair of Comb Back Windsor Bar Stools.  Traditional materials: poplar seat, maple legs, red oak spindles, arm and crest.  Seat is 29.5" and overall height, 75".  Normal arm height of 9...

Windsor Chairs

Windsor Writing Arm chair and Windsor Sack Back.   Traditional materials: poplar seat, red oak spindles and crest rail, maple legs.  Just 2 of many styles I make including continous...

Queen Ann Low Boy

Queen Ann Low Boy.  Made from plans seen in one of the woodworking magazines.  Can't remember which but think it was American Woodworker.  Made from one solid piece of Honduras...

Misc. Bowls

I've been a woodworker for over 40 years but just started turning bowls a year ago.  These are a few of my first.  All came from my firewood pile except for the last hollow turning.  I...

Jewelry Box

One of approximately 50 jewelry boxes I made this year.  Don't recall the source of the plans but it was a box making book.  Maybe Doug Stowe.  Can't be sure.  It is not from my...

Quilted Maple Steamer Trunk

A quilted maple steamer trunk.  Made for a naval officer upon his retirement.  Designed around a sword to be housed on the underside of the lid.  Internal tray is made of claro...

American Locomotive Jupiter

I posted a picture of this project a couple weeks ago but it was underconstruction.  This was a 300 hour lathe project with 70% of the locomotive turned.  It is made of claro walnut, curly...

Logging Truck

One of many toys I make from plans provided by Toys and Joys out of Lynden, Washington. 

American 4-4-0 Locomotive Train Set

I started making this particular train set in 1979.  I've made approximately 50 sets.  The plans come from the second issue of Shopsmsith's Hands On magazine.   It is a very...

Windsor Chairs

Windsor style writing arm chair and sack back.  I make a complete line of Windsors.  I've attended most of Mike Dunbar's Windsor Institute workshops before he had created the Windsor...

Curly Koa Coffee Table

Curly Koa coffee table.  I made many of these tables while stationed in Hawaii and working at the wood hobby shop at the submarine base at Pearl Harbor.  I made most out of beautiful curly...

American 4-6-0 Locomotive

American style 4-6-0 locomotive.  Made primarily from photos.  Claro walnut, curly sycamore, lacewood, curly and quilted maple.

Barney Olefield Speedster

Barney Olefield Speedster made of curly koa.  I made many of these speedsters from blueprints I came across in 1980 with credit given to the only name I could find on the blueprints, John...

Road Grader

Road Grader made from plans by Toys and Joys out of Lynden, Washington.  Made of curly and quilted maple

Cement Truck

Cement Truck made from digital photos of a local cement company in Poulsbo, Washington, Hills Materials.  Plans from Toys and Joys out Lynden, Washington helped get the project startednbsp...

Toys & Joys Low Boy Trailer and High Track Dozer

Kenworth Low Boy Trailer with High Track Dozer.  Made from plans provided by Toys & Joys out of Lynden, Washington.  Made of curly maple and claro walnut.

100 Cigar Humidor

100 Cigar Humidor made of curly maple and Spanish cedar. 

Recent comments

Re: Extension Dining Table

Having trouble with table leaf alignment on a dining table with a 60 inch opening. The table fits together nicely when closed but has a serious offset when fully open. If I adjust the extensions to accomodate the open table, it does not fit when no leafs are in place. Any ideas as to what I can do?

Re: Queen Anne desk-on-stand

Hi Rod,
Your contribution is beautiful. I am also a retired submariner and have taken the same path as you. After retirement, I have taken up woodworking. While I have taken on Queen Anne pieces also, my main interest today is jewelry boxes and toys. I have about a dozen contributions to the gallery and enjoy browsing and discovering quality work. Yours falls well into that category. Keep up the great work.

Ron Messersmith

Re: Jewelry Box

Hi NJ,

Sorry I haven't answered you comment. I just returned to FW web site for the first time in 6 months. If you're still interested in building some of the boxes I have built, let me know and I would be happy to point you in the right direction.


Ron Messersmith

Re: American Locomotive Jupiter

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the comments. I build many toys and the American style 4-4-0 steam locomotive is my favorite. I have traveled to Promotory, Utah several times to vist and take photos of the Jupitor and I also obtained all the blueprints used by O'Connor Engineering to build the Jupitor. If you are still looking to build a similar project, let me know. I have written a 16 page article describing the process I used to construct this locomotive.

Ron Messersmith

Re: Queen Ann Low Boy

Hi Valleyman,

Thanks for the comment. No these were not my first cabriole legs. I have made many pieces with this style of leg. What I find to be the most difficult aspect in making a set of these is to get the correct proportions. I found one of the best training references has been several issues of Woodsmith magazine.


Ron Messersmith

Re: Quilted Maple Steamer Trunk

Hi Hugh,

Thanks for your comment. The top of the trunk is made of poplar with the quilted maple vacuum pressed onto it. I filled the void with styrofome to prevent collasping the top and brought the vacuum only to 15" Hg. The curvature was obtained by using staves about 2 inches wide with their edges angled a few degrees. I then hand planed the curvature prior to veneering.

Thanks again,

Ron Messersmith

Re: Desk for Laptop

Hi Jason,

Was a little surprise by your profile comment that you thought your workshop experiences were a waste of time. I also have obtained most of my woodworking knowledge from books and trial and error. However, I have attended most all of Mike Dunbar's Windsor chair workshops and have loved all of them. I try to get to one workshop a year somewhere between Washington and Texas. I visit my mother in Quitman, Texas (100 miles east of Dallas) every year and try to write off some of my mileage by attending woodworking workshops. Your postings show some nice work. Keep up the good work. Nice looking boy!!

Ron Messersmith

Re: Cement Truck

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your comment. I make many toys that are suitable for a young child. However, the majority of my toys are really display pieces. Those toys I make from plans provided by Toys and Joys out of Lynden, Washington have too many detailed parts to be really considered as a toy for play. This particular piece was requested by a driver of the Hills Materials Company and the truck was a close replica of one of their trucks. A great toy for a 5 year old would be a Barney Olefield speedster that I also have featured in the Gallery

Thanks again,

Ron Messersmith

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