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Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

I work both with machine and handtools. Both are a means to an end which is to produce an article that I use or admir. The tools themselves are not the items of addoration. Sure I get a thrill when using a handtool to get a perfect result, but so do machined items. Mostly the machine tool are used for roughing out the work and handtools to do the finishing. However I do not particularly care whether my dovetails are perfect with handtools ro by machine. But I do care how the finished itemd looks and its usefulness.

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

No more unsafe than any other cut on the saw table. However I woud prefer to have a saw guard installed as an extra safety measure

Re: Appeals court upholds Osorio tablesaw verdict: Feds consider landmark safety standard

Sofar I have only seen the safety demonstrated by very carefully and slowly touching a saw blade. What happens (and has this been demonstrated) if the fingers or the sausage is slammed into the blade as happened to my thumb when someone passing behind me,stumbled against my back, causing me to fall forward and pushing my thumb into the spinning blade.

Even if the blade stops at 0.0001 of a second and the blade is spinning at 3000 rpm or more it would still take 0.3 revolutions to stop and still suuficient in cutting through the sausage or fingers.

I would like to have Gass demonstrate the effectiveness by slamming has the sausage at speed on a the sawblade

Rob Hartog

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