Concord, NH, US

I work as a senior utility rate analyst and supervisor for the NH Public Utilities Commission.

Woodworking and furniture making is my primary hobby.

I am a member of the Guild of NH Woodworkers.

Recent comments

Re: Greg Brown Carves Out a Career

I am always amazed when viewing Greg's work up close. His designs, wood selection and joinery stand out on their own. Then you examine the carvings that he incorporates into his pieces and become awestruck. If you are lucky enough to meet Greg at one of his showings you will discover that he is very approachable and willing to talk shop.

Re: Make a sled that handles both square and miter cuts

I like this idea. I am going to modify my cross cut sled to this design by removing the right side miter bar, shift the sled to the right slot, then make the 45 degree cut. I will need to remove a screw from each glued fence before making the cut (left tilt saw blade). The third "work" fence, once registered to the kerf, will be an improvement to my current setup, where I have been using tape as a shim to dial in the glued fence that slipped slightly out of square during glue up.

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