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Custom woodworking , everything from country crafts to fine furniture

Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/02/1967

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Special Gift for "Mom"

This bistro set was made for my mother ( who loves cats ) for her new Ipe deck . It was yet another job I practiced many different types of joinery .  I used spanish cedar and mahoganynbsp...

Custom made Memory Keepsake Boxes

These Custom sized (to fit up to 8" x 10" photos)  Memory boxes made for a terminal patient to leave for her three daughters. Built from Bubinga , Maple , Cherry , Black Walnut and spanish...

Reinvented Heirloom Cradle

Made using solid cherry and mahogany . The main challenge with cradle was to ballance so it would sit perfectly upright .  This was a custom order from a customer to give as a baby shower gift...

Recent comments

Re: Woodscapes

Beautiful work !

Re: Cherry Leaf Box

Great job John ! The leaves are just ..... awesome ! I love that you took the time to align the grain to look like veins . pure art !

Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I've actually been cutting all my tenons this way for years and have never had any problems or injuries. Because I was once a beginner too,( reading FWW for advice )I would not publish this idea . There is a very high risk of injury for the less experienced woodworkers. On second thought , I agree with some other comments . Is it really worth the chance of injury ? Slow Down !

Re: Alder Gun Cabinet

Absolute Beauty ! Very unique , your quite the artist . Did you plan this or wing it as you worked ? I pride myself on original designs but You went over the top on the whole pc. here . I couldnt imagine dreaming up so many original ideas in on project ! I love it !

Re: big bed

WOW ! Yes it is far out there but it is quite the work of art . Makes me giddy just to look at it but I love it !

Re: Spanish Cedar/Black Walnut Dresser

Nice job ! Spanish Cedar is nice to tool but how did you like the "flour" dust when sanding ? I love working with it but had a bad dust reaction in both my eyes , twice I had my eyes swollen shut for a week . Needless to say , I still love it but only use it when I can finish outside.

Re: Dresser

Nice job . I added this to my to do list too but there are many items on that list :) . Glad to see someone acomplished it.

Re: Kara's Shoe Bench

Very nice !

Re: Sculpted Box

just amazing , love the maple accents with the bloodwood ! Nice work .

Re: Classic Shaker Cupboard

I'm sorry , I've never said anything bad about any of these posts . Christian did a great job with construction but the only thing that really gets me with this pc is , Why did he not use the figured wood for the draw faces . The straight grain just looks ......... wrong . it is a great pc. but I just dont agree with that choice .

Re: Reinvented Heirloom Cradle

Thank you Sulayman . Best wishes if you decide to make one ,in my eyes it was a much needed improvment and worth every minute when finished . I'd love to see the photo if you bulid one .

Re: Solo microBootlegger

Beautiful job !

Re: Shipping furniture- a happy ending

Just a word to the new furniture makers out there . You can, and I have,shipped furnishings using UPS or Fed Ex to save some bucks but be forwarned . About 1/3 of the items I've used them for , got broken . I am very meticulous in my packing but nothing can save your hard work from being beat up . Thank God and my wonderful customers , they accepted the pc. cause they loved it and could fix it themselves . But it still hurts !

Re: jewellery box

beautiful job !

Re: "Santa Claus" Cookies and Milk Cabinet

Great work Dennis ! I love a good challenge but I would not even try the santa ! just wonderful !

Re: Jewelry Box

Great job , I've seen this in fine woodworking mag and wanted to make it myself some day.

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