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Re: Crisp Tenon Shoulders with Your Chisel

I also use the same technique when time permits; which at times can be a challenge. But sneaking up on the quality of fit says alot about time honored techniques.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Jigs,power tools, hand tools are all tools of the trade. The thought process, design and the completed piece is all that matters in the end. However with the advent of the CNC machines-I believe that falls into the category of cheating.

Re: Powermatic's Philosophy: Go Big, or Go Home

One would hope that these companies incorporate better dust control into their designs. It is quite obvious that this area has been neglected far too long.

Re: Time to end the hand vs. power battle

I use both all the time, I prefer the quickness and relative accuracy that power tools offer but at the same time, when precision is at a premium-it's all about the hand tools.

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?


Re: Behold, the Speed Tenon

I got to go with the majority, this does not belong in either the hands of the inexperienced or commercial applications where production is an issue. For the average woodworker working in his shop, the time earned using this method in lieu of traditional methods is not worth the dangers associated with this procedure. But each woodworker will make his own decision based on his comfort level.

Re: Caption Contest Winner!

My eight grade teacher-AAAHHHHHHH

Re: AWFS Tool News: Austrian Engineering Comes to the U.S.

I can tell you that I have their cousin, Felders 700 series and without a doubt they have the most impressive tools on the market in that price range. You can work with material with a digital readout that controls your measurements within 1/32 both on the panel saw and their jointer/planner with safety features that are a cut above those in the US as well as their dust collection, lending to a very clean environment. I would have no problem with a Hammer product as well, knowing how the company builds precision tools with thought.

Re: CPSC Drafting New Tablesaw Regulations

Sawstop should be a required item in say vocational schools and where teaching is the main objective. However to invite the government into our own homes and dictate to the consumer what equipment is required is a government that has way too much power on their hands. If a consumer feels that sawstop is a good investment-he will buy it.

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

"You could be groovin two"

Re: Could This Tool Change Everything?

For the woodworker in all of us that wants the latest and greatest tool, this is a must for every shop. May everyone also have a leather apron between your legs for that errant coffee mug.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I find it hard to accept rewarding someone who through their own actions and negligence created this injury and then benefited from it. It is like hot coffee held between two legs, the warning should be if you cannot comprehend the safety features and common sense to operate this machine-you are asked not to use it by the manufacture.

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