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Laptop Table For The Bed

Hi Folks, I built this Laptop Table mainly to make it more cofortable to use a laptop in bed, as I'm sure many of you may well do. I also felt that while using it on the bed cover, the actual air...

Bedside Lamp

This is a little project I did for a lamp. Fashioned on a large scale one I did last year. The base is solid ash, the feet are 'dovetail' shape and of walnut. The shade is maple veneer with 3...

Maple Veneer and walnut floor lamp

This is a variation of another veneer lamp I did. Its about 4.5 feet tall. Its vertical struts are from walnut. Inside I have 2 energy saving lights. The light it gives out is quite good and has a...

Solid Maple & Veneer floor lamp

Hi, this is a lamp I made recently from solid Maple and Maple Veneer.

Super bright LED floor standing light

Hi Folks, I thought I'd share this. I bought some strips of super bright LED's to make a floor standing light with them. Mainly to use up some scraps I had and to be able to read during the winter...

Contemporary Walnut Chair

This is my first attempt at building a chair. I must admit it was quite tricky and I took quite a while thinking about the initial shape which changed a few times during its design. I probably over...

Oak & Ebony Coffee Table

I built this table for a friend of mine . He said he'd like some inlay but wanted it to be fairly modern looking too. I think i managed to get a fine finish on the table top. After all the sanding i...

Piano book storage

Hi Folks, This storage for Piano books started out as a request from my wife who wanted something that would fit into the space at the side of the piano as seen. I have 3 kids learning the piano so...

Cabinet in Oak, Walnut & Ebony.

Hi Folks, thought i'd post this image of my first cabinet that i made from Oak, Walnut and Ebony. I custom built it to my own spec. I like the contemporary type cabinets that i see in stores but they...

Recent comments

Re: The Cyclone Lamps

I love the table . Is the Ash bent using lamination or steam?
Whats the market like for your lights, do you sell many of them?

Cheers, Nice job


Re: Jennifer's Garden Bench

I like the bench. I must do one sometime. My plastic garden furniture looks a bit ragged..!!


Nice assortment of work, I like the varied work ok, a change from the same old...!
Love the table slab...Nice colours there...



Re: An Illusion

Very nice.

Re: My students works


All great works I have to say, good luck to them all.
Can I also ask how the low table is made?



Re: 19 Ton Saltwater Aquarium

Very impressive, I love Aquariums!!

Re: Dovetailed bench

I like it. Can I ask, have you any pointers for putting in the contrasting wood around the joint. I'm doing something similar, not curved though! Thanks


Re: Van Horne Table

Love the shape. I like the curves and I like glass myself .

Re: Hand-made Telecaster

Its a pity you cant have fund raisers. Lovely guitar. Well made. Not sure what you could do, could you get a sponsor, like a local shop, even to lend you the money? Or is it possible that you could get a small grant?



Re: Bandsaw Project

Very nice. I love the recycling aspect of it and the fact that you keep the original bark and all, lovely.

Re: Firehouse Table

Nicely finished. You deserve a few dollars for that !!! And a few dinners there with them...!
Did you ever think of making a sled for flattening the table using a router? Bit less effort.



Re: Solid Maple & Veneer floor lamp

By the way, its and Energy saving light. Fluresent

Re: Solid Maple & Veneer floor lamp

Hi There, its about 32" tall. The widest part is about 13", the inner about 11.5" I dident work off a plan as such, I just wanted it to be fairly high and slim. I,m going to do one thats much taller with several lights in it!!
Hope that answers your question.

Happy New Year.


Re: Mahogany and Lacewood Jewelry Box

Beautiful and very well made. How long did it take?


Re: Mad Dawg Table

Thats a fantastic table! I especially love the inclusion of the river rock. Very artistic I think. Good luck with it. I still have to watch the video and look forward to it...

Re: Madrone Dining Sideboard

Nice Job. Yes, I'd say it was hard work. Love all the contrasting woods. Nice finish.

Re: Super bright LED floor standing light

Glad you like it,
If you want more information then give me a shout....:)



Re: Fine Woodworking on the David Letterman Show

Cool interview, very witty man and talented. Love the tables too, great press too for 'Finewoodworking' . I liked his original title for his sled !!! lol.

Re: Birthday Present

Hi John,

I like your table. Its nice that it was made from reclaimed wood too.
Nicely finished too...



Re: Contemporary Walnut Chair

Hi Nick, thanks for the comment, fair one too. Like I said, this is my fist chair. I'd certainly do that when i get around to making another!!
I Like your own looks very well..


Re: Custom Conference Table Design


Your piece is very nice but I wonder are you in a completely different league to the rest of us. Is this a form of free advertising which I gather is not prevented but to be honest I think large commercial outfits and big money earners, would they be bothered even looking at a magazine such as Finewoodworking???

Re: Rice Live Edge Coffee Table

I love it. Love those natural type of slabs, when they are done up they have real character, more so than the engineered pieces i think.


Re: Violet

I love the contrast and the curved legs, very nice job.

Re: Cocktail table

Hi, Very Nice. Love the curved surfaces. I think it always makes a piece come alive and also shows the care put into it, and some long hours I'd say!
Well finished too. I'll have to give the linseed oil a go. I usually go for Danish oil myself.

Re: end table


Re: How to Cut Tenons on the Bandsaw

I use the Bandsaw to do the whole job and it works a treat for me. No table saw needed. A little cleanup and bingo...

Re: jewellery case

Very nice i must say. I love the contrast. Nice clean lines too.

Re: My latest Frankenfill

Hi There,

I love the look of the plane. I'm sure it handles very well too.

I like cats too!!


Re: The Cyclone Lamps

I love the light. I especially love the fact that you try to capture something happening in nature....
Its elegant.


Re: The Allium Floor Lamp in Walnut and Zebrawood

Very nice Michael. I love the shape and i love working with Walnut too.
How long did it take you to build it?



Re: Blade Alignment Jig

Finally made one of these. I can adapt it for other uses too. Great idea , now my blade is always 'bang on' !!! Cheers

Re: Bloodwood and Ebony Console

Lovely. Nice contrast.

Re: Huge Walnut Tree

Looks good. Cant wait to see what you can make up!

Re: Lamello's Zeta is a Knockout Tool for Knock-Down Furniture

Crazy price. I think i could get quite a lot of wood for that price. Dont see myself ever using one of those things, its for the less skilled craftsman !!!

Re: Stephanie's Bent Wood Rocker

Hi Stef,

I love your chair. I love the curves too. Are you inspired by the Sam Maloof type chairs?

I'm trying to build a chair with a shape similar to the outer pieces you have but with this shape all the way through it, with the exception of the seat piece which it also forms from the one piece. I was going to steam bend but decided it was too difficult.
We'll have to talk.

Nice chair .



Re: Shop Made Hand Planes

Hi, I want to eventually build one of these. Have you any plans by the way. ?
Nice planes though.


Re: My Dream Workbench

Hi There, well done on the bench. It certainly is a nice piece of work. I'm doing one myself out of solid beech but only 2 inches thick. I think this is enough.
I cant wait till its finished as i want to do a few things.
Did you include any holes for bench dogs, i'm not sure if i should bother. I might put a few in. Its easy enough i guess.

I like the storage for chisels and screwdrivers etc on the side. I 'll have to do same.



Re: Roubo Type Workbench

Hi There, like the bench you have there. Noticed it because i'm in the middle of building one myself. I see your into the boats. I build the model ones . Like the divers suit you have on like something from the Jacques Cousteau era!!
Cheers, nice workshop by the way.. Wish mine was that clean!


Re: Shaker Hall Table

Very nice detail. I love those dovetails. You'd know they were hand made. Nice table. Cheers, Rich

Re: Humidors

Very nice. Yes, where did you get the control elements?


Re: Cantilever Jewelry Box

Very nice, well balanced and i love the thought gone into the
Art/shape side of it. Lovely lines too...
Good work..

Re: Peruvian Walnut and American Maple Box

Hi There, I love it. I think the contrast is great. I love
working with Walnut and Maple too.
At present i'm redoing my workbench!!. I need a new top !
I use Tung oil a lot too.

Have you ever done any steam bending? This is something i want to get into as i want to buils a chair from solid pieces of walnut strip!



Re: curved dovetails on small lingerie chest

Thats great work. Was the the front from a solid piece or was it steam bent first?
Nice to see something different for a change.


Re: Advanced Dovetail Box

Thats great work, wow. Have to say that i dont think i'd want to spend that much time on something. I find a lot of the work i've put into items is ignored by the general family and friends. They just dont appreciate the skill level required. I usually get ' o thats nice ' .
I hope you leave it in a prominent place...

All the same, nice work ....

Re: Blade Alignment Jig

Thanks for all the info here. I bought one of these dials in the uk . I'll have to make up the jig over xmas. Finially i can get my blade 100%. Chees, happy holiday to all. Rich

Re: Cabinet in Oak, Walnut & Ebony.

Thanks a lot.

Now to re-do my bench. Needs a re-vamp!


Re: Shop-made grooving planes

Has anyone out there made a 'bull nose' plane?



Re: A nautical themed table to hold a ship model.

Hi There John,

I was actually more interested in the boat. I build these types of ships as a hobby. Have a few. Cheers Rich

Re: Shop-made grooving planes

Hi there, They look great. I'm thinking of making something similar for a need of mine too.. Cheers

Re: David Haig: Bending Timber

When i saw that rocking chair by David, i just went , WOW!! When i heard and saw how he did it, it suddenly dawned on me that i should be teaching myself to steam bend for some of the projects i'm eager to do too!
It must have been fantastic to meet up with Sam, an icon really in the woodworking profession, RIP.
I hope you show us more of your work david, cheers and good
luck with your chairs, Fabulous job.


Re: Blade Alignment Jig

fantastic. Why dident i think of this ? LOL :)

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

I have to say first of all that woodwork is a bit of
an art and a good deal of skill and imaganation too.
I think Dovetails are great to be able to do and i try to achieve this type of finish as a way of showing off the skill level. This is probably whats mixing up the argument here. Probably a bit of the snob level when infact people should not be hung up on the fact that its the 'b' all and end all of woodwork because its not. Everyone to there own. Once a finish of a piece is well finished then thats all that matters, in my view. In fact i wouldent be graet at doing dovetails by hand , i use the woodrat which is a great little tool i have to say. I've mastered this to a 'T' and its great. The dovetails from this machine look like they have been done by hand. Anyway, thats my little bit!!!

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