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Re: What is Furniture Lab?

With the decline of massive tube-type TV sets and their replacement with flat panels that are often hung on a wall, also in decline are the large purpose-built armoires and entertainment centers made to house those bulky old sets.

Many of these--whose quality of materials and workmanship vary wildly--are finding their way to curb sides--and eventually landfills. A sad waste in many cases.

How about a project where a television armoire or entertainment center gets re-purposed--the former as a sort of mini-closet (which is, I think, what armoires used to be for in the days before TV) or the latter as storage cabinets or dressers?

Re: Just Plane Trivia: Why Do They Call It a Frog?

In heraldry (Coats of Arms), a nobleman's legitimate children might have a diagonal charge (known as a bar, bend or baton) running from the upper left corner of the shield to the lower right ("dexter").

His illegitimate offspring ("bastards"), on the other hand, would instead have their status reflected by arms bearing a charge that ran from upper right corner to lower left. This is known as a "bar sinister", "bend sinister", or "baton sinister".

I believe that originally most files had a tooth direction which ran a certain way to accommodate right-handed users; files for shaping or sharpening metal--whose tooth pattern runs the opposite way--were therefore said to be "left-handed", "sinister" or "bastard" files.

Of course, I could be wrong.

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