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Re: My Favorite Woodworking Documentary of the Year

Ed Pirnik,

Thank you for sharing. The life the OX has lived is shared by many of us.

What a great accomplishment he has created and now sharing that with others like him. Helping young people get started.

You are right. This is the one to watch. I didn't want it to end.


Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

Sounds good, but.. It stops in 1/8 second and stays in place. If the blade turns at 3600 RPM then that is 7.5 turns. A 40 tooth blade would present 300 cutting teeth before it stops. The question is does this still present a real danger. It may not damage the blade which incurs a cost and lost machine time but is this really "safe". I don't own a Sawstop nor do I plan to, but it seems that 1/200th of a second or 1/3 of a turn at 3600 rpm (13.3 teeth on a 40 tooth blade) while rapidly retracting from the cutting zone will do far less damage.

Sawstop did offer to license the technology to all saw manufacturers and was refused by everyone. So he decided the technology was important enough to make it available to everyone through his own saws.

However it would be very nice to see Sawstop have some serious competition. We would all benefit from an add-on feture that would give true safety.

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