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Re: SawStop inventor Steve Gass defends the latest tablesaw verdicts

I'm English and live in France. I've read most of the above and, frankly, I'm amazed. I cannot belive that your courts have found Ryobi and its parent company guilty for the behaviour of an untrained worker who was badly let down by an employer who, it seems, didn't give a hoot for the safety of an employee. As I see it, the make of saw used had no bearing on the case, it was the employer who was mainly to blame. In all of the articles on this case that I have read I have only seen mention of injuries - no deaths(happily). You have one thing in America that causes more deaths and injuries than anything else and that is almost unfettered access to fire arms. Perhaps some one should take Colt or any other gun maker to court and use the same criteria as in this case. Make the gun maker liable for the actions of the people who pull the trigger, or better still the people who hide behind those magic letters NRA.

Re: Reimagining American Furniture Classics

A similar style of chair was first seen in England as early as the sixteenth century. What we know as a windsor chair today was first shipped from Windsor, in South-East England, to London in 1724. It's certainly a classic but in this case not American.
On the other hand Shaker furniture is an American classic.

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Wow, that's a lot of comments. When I started working wood many years ago in England I did a three year cabinet making course at the London College of Furniture. There we started from scratch, we were taught about wood and tools. I can now take a piece of rough timber and turn it into a straight, flat, square edged plank with only the use of hand tools. I can make any type of joint you care to mention with only hand tools. Learning all these skills is an essential step in becoming a woodworker, in my opinion. However, I very rarely use these methods when making furniture, it just takes too long. I use table saws, band saws, routers, shapers, planer/thicknessers, and any jigs or other aids that can be bought, borrowed or built. Cheating? No, no such thing.

Re: Big Router Table on a Budget

I like this router table, I might even build one. The main modification I would make is to include a track for a miter gague which would improve the table's versatility.

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