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Re: Shop Talk Live 11: That Sinking Feeling

Can you "Fabulous 4" tell me where I can find a list of woods that should not be used around food or that should not be ingested into ones system?
Enjoy your podcast, and I marvel at how the four of you put together such a first class magazine year after year.
"Thumbs up" always, keep up the good work. As a boss of mine used to say "you done good"

Re: Shop Talk Live 17: Behind-the-Scenes at Lee Valley Tools

The sound was the "Saw Stop" doing its thing.

Keep the good podcast going, love hearing about the best tools, (at least for the day), and the mistakes you guys make.

When can we sign up for "FWW Live" can't wait?

Re: Help me choose what to build for a video workshop

#2 cabinet, I have been toying with a new cabinet for the flat screen, this could be it.

Re: Shop Talk Live 11: That Sinking Feeling

On one of your recent podcast you touched on having your children in the shop and sometimes it was a little burdensome. From my own experience I started my sons going to the shop with dad when they were in infants, and today they have a love for working with their hands, and are better at it than I ever was.
So I say to everyone do not miss the chance to let them in on your woodworking, DIY projects, work on the cars, whatever you can do, share it with them, you will only get one chance to do so.


Re: FWW Live: The fun stuff

FWW Live, great time,great sessions with your staff and the guest presenters. Meeting with so many FWW readers and followers was very special. Ready for next year to do it again and see new friends again.
The small sessions was a great help in allowing us to see more and learn about the hobby that we all love ( for many of us this is the final and most satisfying work in our lives).
Thanks to Tauton and Asa's staff for a well organized conference, and to your guest for the time they took from their business's' to give so much to us.

Re: Shop Talk Live 1: The Big Debut

Good job on some good questions.

Re: Shop Talk Live 3: Diminishing Returns

Please do not change a thing,we as woodworkers never get a chance to see the people making our mag. talk about our "hobby" (as you call it) and how you handle the many questions that you get and often are the same things we wonder about.
The humor added a "hold your attention" to the presentation. You also answered the questions without editing them and then edited between one another.
Enjoyed the sound effects also.


Re: Fine Woodworking Live Event

sasharoc Where do I sign up,where can we stay, details, details.Can't wait.

Re: Building and Using a Simple Plane Stop

Super idea, saves resetting the end vise each time the board is changed.

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

This year my sons made Dads Christmas, very tool worthy,
for which I am greatful. Heres to all woodworkers, to have an accident free 2010, and beyond,


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