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Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

You can never have too many books on wood working! And that includes books on using the lathe - I really like the idea of a book covering a series of developmental steps in wood turning. I have been using a lathe for over 40 years (on and off) and I am still a newbie and always striving to get better. As another writer commented, I may have to buy this book on my own!!

Re: UPDATE: Read a review of Wooden Boxes by the giveaway winner

Strikes a cord - I watched a YouTube presentation on making a bandsaw box and got very intrigued. Bought an eBook on the subject and then another. Got a block of wood waiting in the shop for a bit of time (after the holiday's at the rate things are going) and then, by golly, I going to try one or more of them. This book looks very interesting although I suspect my skill level is no where high enough (now).

Re: UPDATE: Honing and Setting Jointer and Planer Knives by Hendrik Varju

It seems like the pursuit of sharpening techniques never ends! I have (finally!) been spending a fair amount of time on woodworking with most of my effort lately spent building jigs, sharpening and adjusting and all the other background work. My 'new' jointer (a Craftsman 6" floor mount) is my newest 'toy' and it desperately needs to have the blades sharpened. I actually will probably buy a 2nd set, use the new set and then sharpen the first set for backup. Always more to do! This DVD looks to be a nice addition to my 'education'.

Re: UPDATE: Rough Cut - Woodworking with Tommy Mac by Tommy MacDonald and Laurie Donnelly

The 2nd biggest affliction that a woodworker has? Buying wood working books! But, gee, the temptations! Well, it is a tough hobby and only the strong can survive.


P.S. The biggest affliction? Buying tools, of course!

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

There are only a few magazines whose back issues would be worth keeping and one of those magazines is Fine Woodworking (and Fine Homebuilding for that matter). But there certainly is just a limit on how much room you can give up for magazines! And I have definitely reached my limit! The collection of all the past issues (at least all relative to right now) would be an awesome addition. Having it on the computer also means that I can take my laptop down to the shop and have full access there. My fingers are crossed!

Re: Make a cart for your Dust Deputy

Very nice and neat arrangement. I just finished building a vertical tower arrangement to combine my Dust Deputy with my ShopVac. Put 4 inexpensive caster wheels from Home Depot on the bottom of a small plywood platform to make it easy to move around. The DD sits on top of the platform and on top of that the ShopVac sits in a cradle arrangement which is held up by 4 'legs'. The ShopVac lifts off for regular use and the DD slips out easily for dumping.

I went vertical because I am very pressed for space in my shop and I needed to economize on floor space. Kind of nice having the ShopVac up high as it makes it easy to mash the on/off button. Everything works great and I will eventually add a few brackets, etc to hold hoses, adapters,etc.

Bob Groh, Blue Springs, Missouri

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