Carleton Place, ON, CA

Retired Trade Commissioner, Govt. of Canada.
Wood worker for at least 60 years.
I build flower stands, wine racks, coffee and end tables, butcher blocks, trestle/shaker style tables. (For friends as a hobby.)
I work mainly in red cherry, some maple and white oak.
The only piece of equipment that I do not have, and I will purchase this year is a 3hp. shaper.
I also have had a two year subscription to Fine Wood Working.
R.Keith Munro

Recent comments

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Hello Mike,
Very impressive chest!
There are 3 items that I would add....
1. A Veritas angle setter
2. A Veritas sliding bevel
3. An Incra precision marking rule (preferably the 12inch)

Re: Blade brake inventor aims to compete with SawStop

I have been using table saws for the last 61 years as a hobby, I have never nicked any fingers and I wear safety glasses and use push sticks, a fence and miter guage at all times, I work in red and black cherry, maple and white oak and a few tropical hardwoods. I have watched builders shove a 2X6 length of spruce into a 10" saw blade with no fence or miter guage and then they wonder why the wood went into orbit over their shoulder. It is so easy to practice safety all the time. The best investment I have made in the last two years was the purchase of an Incra Fence Positioner and an Incra 1000SE Miter Guage. Also people have accidents by putting warped lumber into a table saw. I applaude any new safety device that comes along but I will wait and watch my fingers.

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