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Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

This is such a wonderful series. I would love to add these titles to the others that I have.

Re: Does The Tree In My Front Yard Have Value? Part Two: Will Your Tree Make The Cut?

To Bigknifeguy, thank you for your post and for clarifying what I thought to be clear as to the choices the author made and why. Being someone who mills his own lumber much of the time, let me dispell any blade mysteries. On a bandsaw mill, blades cost between $20-$40 dollars. Some high end blades that are carbide can cost substantially more but most mill folk do not use them as they are often coming into contact with foreign objects. For someone to go through three high cost blades on a single tree would need to look at the definition of insanity closely. The reason someone might load on another blade is if they think that the first blade went through the offending object and they could salvage a board. The second or third blade would confirm multiple objects and deem the offending tree unmillable. That is where the author's creativity and artistic juices kicked in to save the wood from the burn pile and became something useful and artistic. Cheers!

Re: A workbench anybody can build

I also made this bench and love it for its versatility. There are issues that come up from time to time but they are usually handled after rethinking the problem. I did drill holes through the beam's sides so that I could install pipe clamps to create a side vise of varying lengths (stole the idea from John White's newfangled bench) and this works well for speed when sawing dovetails and other such joints. For the cost conscious it is a very good and stable bench. My only issue is that I have not been able to find anyone who carries homesote. This has been very frustrating so it is just plywood on the one surface and melamine on the other of the beams.

Re: Bedside Lamps

I like the design very much. What type of hardware do you use for the switch? Thanks for the post.

Re: Q&A with Woodworking Experts

This was a fantastic show!! It explains a great deal about life more than just woodworking. I teach music full time, perform part-time, and woodwork for enjoyment. There are so many correlations one can make between woodworking and music, or golf, or cooking, or agriculture. . . life in general. Working with your hands requires both head knowledge and muscle memory which takes hours of practice. Raw talent will only take you so far - the rest is sweat and hard work to refine and perfect (if there is such a level) that which you do. Again, thanks for the offering. One area that is of interest is tool making. It would be interesting to see one of these forums with tool makers - both manufactured and home made (such as Garrett's beading tools or David Finck's Krenov style planes). That would be a very interesting forum.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Woodworking Techniques, from Fine Woodworking magazine

Please count me in! My kids are interested in starting woodworking and it would be a great book to have for some vision casting and good foundational work.

Re: CD cabinet - The TOWER

Really nice work. I like the clean lines. What are the dimensions? Cheers!

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