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Decatur, AL, US

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

And so Norm always started his show with a few words about shop safety, these words often go unheeded. As we well know Woodworking requires sharp tools and anyone who doesn’t understand a sharp blade turning at 200mph is an accident waiting to happen. Generally we know when we’re doing something dangerous and we respect the tool all the more. Accidents happen quicker than you'd ever expect as many of us know. When we do have an accident we’re generally the first to admit that was stupid! But to blame it on the tool?

I don’t know how this guy wacked his fingers but can only assume he failed at paying attention. So it wouldn’t have mattered if he had a 300 dollar saw or a 5000 dollar saw he didn’t respect the tool. There's a real sharp reason sawstop uses hotdogs for demonstrations. The jury failed at not recognizing stupid and all the jurors probably thought it could be me so why wouldn’t the stupid reward stupidity.


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