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Re: Three great finishing tips

Some advice please! I recently cleaned up an old coffee table (also a foot rest, play area an, hot cup stand & TV dining table) using a card scraper only to discover that the pine top was very dry and in poor condition. Liquid wax went on, two coats, which the wood soaked up like a sponge, this I reasoned would care for the wood for another thirty years. What a mistake!, no buffing wax would go on, no polyuethane varnish, apparently, will adhere to it. Denatured alcohol (methylated spirits for those in U.K.) and a card scraper have improved matters slightly. However, when it is finished it lhas to be tough hard wearing, heat resistant and child friendly
I ask for advice and suggestions on what to do next .
Normally everything is carefully planned, I deviated from that plan just once on the spur of the moment and paid for it.


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