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Solid Pine Country Style Bookshelf

Here's my finished solid pine country style bookshelf. I made this for my wife. It took me several months of lunch breaks to finish it. The crown molding was made on the router table with a special...

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Re: UPDATE: Making Frame and Panel Doors by Hendrik Varju

From the brief description this DVD set seems to be packed with some great info!

Pitoon Ekarintaragun

Re: Solid Pine Country Style Bookshelf

Thanks! It was a learning experience cutting each piece with my Dremel. Also finding the tail/pin in a long enough rod and diameter was not easy.

I just couldn't find myself spending the amount dealers wanted for forged hinges. But I can understand why they want the amount they are asking considering the amount of work that goes into making one.

I plan on building some new kitchen cabinets and will make some new hinges for those. I'll post pics up when I am done with that project.


Re: UPDATE: 3 Book Giveaway! Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to...

You take a piece of wood....TURN it, You are SHAPING it, but you will need to FINISH it before you're done!

I could definitely read these books and put them to good use!


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