Amherst, NH, US

Long time woodworker, retired soldier, was a charter member of Fine Woodworking for nearly the first 25 years.

Building my dream shop now! Structure is a metal utility building 24' wide and 20' long with 12" walls with an integral 24' by 30' carport. Two roll-up garage doors that will be replaced with carriage doors a la Pekovich. Mezzanine over the nearly 9' ceiling of the shop. Shop walls in knotty pine t&g. Like I said, my dream shop.

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Re: UPDATE: Making Wood Tools with John Wilson

Making your own tools is a really great way to get in touch with your craft.

Re: Dream Workbench

Superb work. If possible, I would greatly appreciate your plans and notes. I am going to be building my workbench this fall and winter.


Thanks much!


Re: Michael Pekovich's Shop (FWW art director)

The weather associated with the blizzard has convinced me that those carriage doors WILL BE BUILT this week and installed this weekend!

My poor wood stove just couldn't keep up with the blast through the top of the roll-up doors!

But, my building, electtical and fire inspections passed with flying colors and I am starting to populate my shop. My clamps are stored on the wall behind the stove.

Many thanks to Michael Pekovich for the inspiration for the carriage doors!

Re: Michael Pekovich's Shop (FWW art director)

My dream shop, 35 years in the dreaming, is in the final stage of construction. It is based on a Utility buidling/carport from TNT Carports. It has two roll-up garage doors which will keep the cars in, but do nothing for bugs or the cold. I was thinking of carriage doors and this article is just what the doctor ordered! I am going to build and install these on my two garage doors and then remove the roll-ups!

Anyone want to buy a couple of roll-up doors with hardware? Hardly used!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I used to demo the SawStop when I worked part-time in the Leesburg Store. I remember one loud-mouth from Texas who bragged to me about how he had used a UniSaw for years and never hurt himself. The SawStop is not a secret...this cheap jerk, (And careless one, obviously!) decided that he was so much smarter than the rest of us and bought cheap. He got what he paid for and that jury should be put away where their sheer stupidity cannot further damage society.

When I get my shop built, this spring, I am taking my venerable and great Unisaw out of storage and putting it on the market...I am ordering a SawStop Professional Model.

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