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Ulu knife cutting board

Ulu knife cutting board by Maya, just turned 11 years old.  Milling a spherical concavity in rock-hard rift sawn white oak would be a challenge for anyone.

Cat Bench

A pleasant but unremarkable piece, I posted it only because its main purpose is to enable our aging cat get to his favorite spot on the bed without clawing the bedspread.  Oh, and it functions as a...

Salad servers

Salad servers of laminated black walnut and rift-sawn white oak, by Maya (now) age 10.

Cherry stool

Small stool in cherry, 15" x 15" x 7".  Built almost entirely by my woodworking protégé, Maya, age 9.  Her very first furniture project!  

Library table

Two-legged library table in black walnut, 27" x 12" x 33" high.  Cloud lift motif feet and bottom rail are joined by exposed dovetails.  Top edge treatment echoes this.

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