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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Liberalism really is a mental disorder. The world is not a perfect place. Injury is a part of life. Where would we be if man had not forged ahead in spite of dangers. Ask yourself: what will we have left if we carry on this way? Big, evil business is a rediculous attitude that is way out of line today; but the lawyers love the wave and the cash cow of litigation. While that saw manufacturer was busy developing and refining his product, working day and night, and with his own and his companies money, taking all the risk JUST AS YOU DO every day, some SOB waiting in the wings, not to provide justice necessarily, but to simply feed on the misfortune of some hard working and well intended manufacturer, waits for an opportunity to challenge his benefits of labor. Yes, you can argue that this is the beauty of our system; that it all works out in the end honing the best out of all litigation results. True; until you realize that liberalism is now a powerful magnet that distorts logic in an otherwise great court system: The best there ever was in the best counrty that ever existed for free people. We need to wake up. Be men--and women--of principal again and fight for reforms that mandate respect for the facts and not emotion. Make a difference if YOU are on a jury. You can argue that the system over time self corrects; as it should. But it doesn't any more. Liberalism in the courts, where its always the fault of big business, has reformed minds and castigated free market ideals. Misfortune is a guarantee in life. Nothing should litigate against pure misfortune. Certainly not in this case. This is like suing a shoe manufacturer for not using softer rubber soles because your feet hurt. Good men in honest businesses risk their ventures to make money yes, but the real reward is success and pride in the free use of God-given talent ala a free market in which to prevail. The real reward is in succeeding and fullfiling passion. Just like you enjoy the twilight cast on a good days work at your craft, manufacturers appreciate their accomplishments too. This poor saw manufacturer is about to be put out of business after all his hard work. Is that right in this case? Are we willing to start talking about these matters of distorted logic in our country while we still can? I'm serious. Get involved.

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