Corvallis, OR, US

I design and build in a lovely corner of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, a kind place for trees and woodworkers alike. I am fond of big bandsaws, madrone shavings, hiking, making music, and chatting over coffee or a root beer float--mmm!

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Re: Splay leg tables

Hi Chuck,

Only 3+ years late, but big thanks for the detailed response! I left on a long walking journey just after writing you and then lost my account information--Mr. Competence here;-).

I wouldn't have guessed about the approach to backgrounds, which are a terminal distraction in most of my photos, that will be a real help.


Re: Splay leg tables

Hi Chuck,

Beautiful work, just lovely; congrats on winning. Now that the dust is settled I wonder if you might comment on how you photograph your work--camera, lighting, backdrop, background elimination, and so forth. If you have described this elsewhere, please send me there by all means--I haven't read every post yet.

Thanks much.

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