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Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

Looking forward to retirement in a few years and having more time to develop my woodworking skills, this issue of having a CNC in the shop was decided for me by mother nature when I began to develop arthritis in my hands. CNC became the route to add details and carving to my work. To afford this I built my own CNC (Joe's CNC Hybird) and started the process of obtaining and learning the software required.

Designing, whether on paper on on computer, is still the major challenge for me (and many others) and even more so on the computer where a whole different set of skills is required to even start. Poor design executed with the finest skill is still poor design.

So I speak from experience, CNC is a neat tool but that is all it is. It requires a very steep learning curve and is not cheap. Final evaluation though: I can't do without it!

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