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Re: Salt and Vinegar: Nature's Rust Remover

Got to agree about the Evapo-Rust. I restore old planes and buy the Evapo-Rust in five gallon quantities, although I started out using it in much smaller containers. After using it I strain it into a new container and keep doing that until it's useful life is over. Then I start over with some new stuff.

I've used it on every conceivable type of tool and metal object and it has worked like a charm. Depending on how I want the surface to look (patina or not) will dictate the product I use to do the final surface cleaning/polishing.

I did enjoy the article, though, because I'm sort of a mad scientist at heart and will probably try that process just for the heck of it, just as I have with citric acid for rust removal.

Re: UPDATE: Wooden Boxes, by Doug Stowe and Strother Purdy

Nice give-away! Looking forward to the book one way or the other.

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