Asheville, NC, US

I have dabbled in woodworking since I was a child. After college I owned a tree service for 10 years, which provided me a mountain of free materials. I have since sold the tree service and am taking a stab at being a professional woodworker. The journey began with turning an old garage into a usable shop with adequate power supply. Now I spend my days making speculative pieces and hoping for success. So far so good.

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Re: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live!

My dad also a woodworker lives up that way and was recently diagnosed with cancer. It would be a great opportunity to spend some time with him doing something we both love.

Re: Shop Talk Live 8: Just a Splash of Water

love the show though

Re: Shop Talk Live 8: Just a Splash of Water

what can I say, I'm that big of a geek.

Re: Repairing a Checked Tabletop

any pharmacy can and will sell you syringes in a wide range of gauges.

Re: Occupy Woodworking

I was in Maine last week and my brother a timber framer tried to take me by liberty tools but they were closed. Quite a coincidence that this email would be in my in box when I returned home.

Re: How to Set Wood Sap

PS. My wife loves how soft they make my hands.

Re: How to Set Wood Sap

I owned a tree service for over 10 years and pine sap was a constant bane to my work and my wife who hates sticky furniture and clothes. I was up a tree once and my climbing line got so coated in pine sap I could not repel down the line. After trying everything from harsh solvents to rubbing my hands in dirt to kill the sticky factor and letting the sap stain stay until it wore off, I discovered 2 solutions so simple I had to kick myself for not discovering them sooner. Baby oil and vegetable oil both do a great job dissolving pine sap. They work so well I kept vegetable oil in my shower and my work trucks. Whether you need to clean it off the inside of your oven or remove it from the boards both should work great without adding moisture to your lumber. Also both are non toxic and cheap.

Re: Appeals court upholds Osorio tablesaw verdict: Feds consider landmark safety standard

Does the Osario verdict mean that anyone injured on a table saw since the invention of flesh sensing technology can and should sue the saw manufacturer and win? I certainly think not. None has ever been forced to purchase or use a table saw. It's like the rock climbing and skydiving I do by choice at my own risk. I had a friend lose a leg skydiving when he was blown into the over hang on the sheet metal roof of the hangar. He could of sued the skydiving company and probably would have won. What he did instead on his first day out of the hospital was to go pay for the jump that took his leg and schedule his next jump. If we all took a little more responsibility for our own actions and accepted the fact that sometimes bad things happen that are no-one's fault the world would be a much better place.

Re: Appeals court upholds Osorio tablesaw verdict: Feds consider landmark safety standard

Steroidchemist writes about the cost to the government ie taxpayers in regards to disability payments to those injured on table saws. If the cost is the issue then address the cost not the actions. Don't write disability checks to people whose disabilities were self induced by their own stupid actions and choices. I am a firm believer that we should only create laws to protect people from being directly harmed by others foolish or immoral actions. Steroidchemists logic could be used to justify the government dictating our medical care and diets for that matter. If you eat crap you'll become unhealthy and medicare will have to foot the bill so I guess we should all have our diets mandated by the government so we don't create any undue expenses. Steroid it is a slippery slope you suggest we tumble down.

Re: Arrowhead boxes

Beautiful work. How did you curve the box sides

Re: Tool Guide Reader Survey

Watch out for the laguna 16" jointer planer combo machine. I purchased one that was severaly defective and laguna replaced it with one that was in even worse condition. 3 months later I finally got my money refunded. The machine had misaligned pulleys and gears, which caused belt damge and caused the machine to throw chains. Torbin Helshoj the owner of Laguna told me personally that the misaligned belts were "not a problem"; they are a severe problem as anyone with half a brain would recognize as soon as they turned on the machine and could smell the belts melting. Beyond this the jointer fence is nearly impossible to set accurately or consistently. Also the manual and the information provided by the sales people contradict each other in several areas. All around my entire dealings with Laguna were unsatisfactory to say the least. I felt like someone was trying to sell me the brooklyn bridge.

Re: Is it OK to sell furniture based on FWW articles?

If you have to ask yourself whether what you are doing is right or not it probably isn't. AS for what other people are doing, you probably have little ability to change it so don't waste too much energy worrying about it. I have two books about building puzzles each with a puzzle that functions the same. I also own a mass produced plastic version of this puzzle. Both books are by different authors, the puzzle is mass produced by a third entity yet a patent is issued to yet a fourth individual. The patent was issued in 1986 so I believe it is still in effect. All that matters is can you live with yourself?

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