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1000yr old Redwood, Curly Maple and Bronze End Tables

These tables are the result from a gift of some 1000yr old 1/4 inch thick bookmatched pieces of Redwood.  A guitar maker neighbor had these pieces for many years without being able to use them...

Two in One Table

This table gives the client choices as to which top they want to use at any given time.  The base is ebonized hardwood which has a recess into which sits the circular veneered insertnbsp...

Quilted Sapele Dining Table

This is a recent commission finished for a client that wanted to seat two at the ends of the dining table.  That size especially works nice when it's a square, and becomes quite a statement when...

1000 Year Old Redwood

A dear friend, who happens to be a master stringed instrument maker, gifted me with these pieces of 1000 yr old Redwood.  They are too thin, 1/4-3/8ths of an inch, for him to use for his...

Lacewood and Tiger Maple Entertainment Cabinet

This entertainment wall proved to be quite a challenge.  There are quite a few details that were difficult, and I probably wouldn't attempt again.  1. The lacewood bi-fold doors are cut at...

China buffet in Quilted Cherry and Birdseye Maple

This is a buffet designed for some art lovers that really didn't want to move the incredible painting in the dining room, so I designed the cabinet elements around it.  They truly loved the...

Bloodwood and Ebony Console

This table was inspired by the precise, yet graceful, movements of a Spanish Flamenco female dancer waving her folded fan. The bold red of the Bloodwood married with the elegant Ebony and just a...

Recent comments

Re: Tiger Maple Credenza

Beautifully done. Your details are meticulous.

Re: Tarantella


Re: Chiffonier in Elm Burl veneer

Flawless, really beautiful!

Re: QUB Farmhouse Table

Man I really appreciate this design. Wonderfully modern and rustic at the same time. It would certainly find a home in any decor. Congratulations!

Re: 1000yr old Redwood, Curly Maple and Bronze End Tables

My wife's a photographer. I'm very lucky.

Re: Triangle

Nice, Nice, Nice! What are the dimensions?

Re: A Tribute to Hokusai - A Marquetry Jewelry Box


Re: 1000yr old Redwood, Curly Maple and Bronze End Tables


Re: Mahogany and Lacewood Jewelry Box

Very nice!

Re: Mad Dawg Table

Wonderful story and beautiful table. That's really huge! The video was fun to watch as well. I hope the experience brings you much success.

Re: Compound curved chest of drawers with fiddleback hickory handles and maple drawers

I really enjoy this piece Greg. Great proportions and transitions. Your award is well deserved. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Surfs Up

Beautiful! Sculptures in themselves.

Re: "Box of Chocolates"

Quite impressive, Bravo!

Re: Dark Flow

Very nice and just enough of everything. Sometimes the more simple a piece looks the more difficult to find the correct balance. You found a wonderful and elegant way of presenting these basic shapes. I really enjoy it. Omar

Re: Two in One Table

Thank you all

Re: Sculpted small Boxes


Re: Walnut Sideboard

Well done!

Re: "Firefly"


Re: "For Kjærlighet"

All of the boxes are really beautiful.

Re: "Aspire"

I do appreciate that, great work!

Re: Two in One Table


Re: "Aspire"

Wow! That's nice!

Re: A box fit for a future King & Queen.

Wonderful story and beautiful work.

Re: Raised Panel 36" x 48" wild life wood carving.

Just Beautiful!

Re: Quilted Sapele Dining Table

Thanks guys, I wish the color was true in the gallery though, the sapele really has a wonderful glow to it.

Re: Cufflink box

This is really beautiful Andrew!

Re: The Nile Sofa Table

Beautiful and elegant!

Re: Maple & Wenge Jewelry Box

Very Nice

Re: Music Cabinet

Very nice. Beautiful inlays on the sides.

Re: 1000 Year Old Redwood

Thank you, I'm very excited about the possibilities. I'm going to take some chances with this design.

Re: 1000 Year Old Redwood

Thanks, Pretty sure it's quilted.

Re: David Blackburn - True Love

Nicely done!

Re: Lacewood and Tiger Maple Entertainment Cabinet

Thanks BenchMarc, These are different clients than the Cherry buffet piece, but they had seen my portfolio and liked the relief carving from other projects.

Re: Lacewood and Tiger Maple Entertainment Cabinet

Thank you sir. I do strive in my designs to not overwork things. Just let the wood be beautiful. As far as the relief carving, I first chalk out the design then do my rough cuts with a grinder fitted with a heavy grit pad. From there the smoothing is done with disks and sometimes by hand. It's messy and very physical, a good workout.

Re: Lacewood and Tiger Maple Entertainment Cabinet

Thank You again Nicholas. I'm very lucky, my wife is a professional photographer. Sometimes her images are more beautiful than the actual piece.

Re: Bird's Eye Maple & Ebony Humidor

Absolutely beautiful work and choice of woods. The birds eye is a treat to look at and the cigar bands are a great addition, very creative.

Re: Eagle claw and ball table


I do always learn a bit when reading about your pieces. I too sometimes take on projects that might not be me, but I do still try to do my best with them. Yours are always quality and beautifully done.

Re: China buffet in Quilted Cherry and Birdseye Maple

I appreciate the comments guys! When first designing this project, of course many of my dimensions were based on the china and platters going in the units. That's when I realized that three separate pieces would be better than just one massive cabinet. The carving comes in play as a way to honor the beauty of the quilted cherry. I didn't want to take too much away from that wood and, at the same time, i wanted the piece to be a dramatic partner to all the other art pieces in the house.

Re: Violet

Wow! LIke the graceful legs.

Re: jewellery case

I'll have to try Sycamore one of these days.

Re: Throne

Very Nice!

Re: Bloodwood and Ebony Console

Nicholas, I much appreciate your comments as well as your designs also. Very refreshing and inspiring.

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