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Celtic Owl

This owl I carved after a second century Celtic owl artifact. It is crudely done from an old, salvaged board. Finished with a light oiling. (Can't even remember which.) It's maybe five inches wide.

Recent comments

Re: rockerboo

For a minute there I thought you had built a marble run into the chair's back. A nice chair anyway, but, boy, would the kids have loved it if you HAD built a marble run into the back of it.

Re: Hand-made Telecaster

Beautiful work and fantastic project for students. What a lucky group you'll be teaching...if you can find the resources. Try this website: http://www.kickstarter.com/

Re: Wall Object Lime Wood, Alexander Grabovetskiy Wood Carving 36''

A well-spent month. Satisfying to see work like this done in our computer-duplicating, tools-for-replicating world.

Re: Wall Object Lime Wood, Alexander Grabovetskiy Wood Carving 36''

I'm going to ask, (because I know I won't be the only one wondering)how long does it take you to complete a project this complex?

Re: Bathroom Cabinet with Curved Doors

Your design gives it a puckered look. It's an eye-catcher.

Re: Hassayampa Nessmuck Bench

Intriguing work. How does your design process go? Do you think about the metal first, then the wood? Is your metal design driven by found metal?

Re: Replicas of Ancient Nautical Navigational Instruments

Makes sense. The rope spliced? Or relaid like when making a grommet? I'm not sure what you mean by continuous.

Re: 1000yr old Redwood, Curly Maple and Bronze End Tables

Amazing work...beautifully photographed.

Re: "Talon"

Fun? I guess so. Also original and nature-inspired. I like it.

Re: A Tribute to Hokusai - A Marquetry Jewelry Box

Fantastic. Hokusai would be stunned and flattered by your work, were he alive today.

Re: Replicas of Ancient Nautical Navigational Instruments

Wow. Really admiring your work. Great woodworking projects.

Petty question for you: is there a reason you don't singe off (or otherwise remove)the stray fibers from your rope?

Re: Navigational Instruments for the USS Constitution

Can't top that for a worthwhile project. First rate.

Re: Claro Walnut Bench

Very interesting bench. Almost looks like someone barked out, "Get on the ground and give me 20 pushups."

Re: "Ripple"

Is it sculpture? Or is it a box? Either way it's a dandy.

Re: adirondack rustic art furniture

Wonderful cabinet. Natural in every way.

Re: Salvaged Fir Trestle Table

Stately design with seasoned material. Very nice version of a trestle table.

Re: Architectural Woodcarving by Alexander Grabovetskiy

Man, one look at that and I'm thinking I ought to go back to whittling sticks on the porch. Very impressive.

Re: Three drawer dresser

It almost shimmers. Very nice work.

Re: Ridiculously complicated boxes

If these are what you do for practice, then I look forward to see what you do when you get serious. Nice boxes.

Re: Cherry Chest of Drawers

A serene beauty.

Re: Ham on Rye

Momma should've said, "If it's colorful, imaginative, and fun give it a thumbs up." I did.

Re: China Hutch

That "swoop" might well have been inspired by the jaws dropping on woodworkers viewing this beauty.

Re: Chinese low table

Fascinating legs. What was in inspiration for them? (Or is it your design?)

Re: captain's chest

Very nice work.

The beckets are interesting on this contemporary old chest. Why a becket instead of a grommet? More comfortable to grip?

Re: Twin bed tables

Wow. Few of the projects you see on this website are fresh designs. This one sure is. Was this design inspired by anything or is it totally unique? (Nice photos, by the way.)

Re: Braúl (beech wood)

Looks like a fine chest. I think you need to take photos either in full light or in dim light, but avoid this situation where you are located between the two. It's tough to get a decently-exposed photo in those situations. And you really want to show off impressive work to the extent that's possible...with a good photo.

Re: David Blackburn - True Love

Imagination put to good use. Enjoyed it.

Re: Small Red Oak Bench

Hard to tell. Small bench...or large cat?

Re: The Allium Floor Lamp in Green

How did you come to choose the emerald green? Did it have anything to do with Ash trees being attacked by the Emerald Ash Borers?

Re: Arts and Crafts Display Cabinet

Sure wouldn't mind have a few of those at home. Excellent work.

Re: "TEMPLE" dining table

How about some "fine commenting" to go with the fine woodworking? I like the simple as well as the complex. I'd hate to think that the simple designs...with their clean looks and humble natures...are to be banished from this gallery.

I can live without the snobbish approach to fine woodworking. I enjoyed this table.

Re: Arch Leg Hall Table

A stunner. More a work of art than a piece of furniture.

Re: Water Lily Lamp

Graceful and unassuming. For a lamp that's high praise, sad to say. Beautiful work.

Re: DECO II - an un-turned bowl

Thinking outside the box, or in this case bowl, resulted in one fantastic piece. Well done.

Re: hall table

Beautiful piece. Bet you could make a handsome writing desk along those lines.

Re: Three Leg Chair

If you're looking for inspiration regarding an alternative design for the top of the back, try looking at old knots. A book like Ashley's Book of Knots might give you some ideas of alternatives to that sharp tip. This is one interesting chair. Very unique.

Re: Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 2

I like them both. Like your earlier version a little more. As I look at both, the front legs seem to compete for attention with the rest of the chair...especially its back. That's a shame as the back is quite spectacular. I'm still wondering what they'd look like if the front legs were plainer and clamored less for our eyes' attention.

Re: Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 1

Wow. Love the decorative elements that seem almost woven into it. How is it to sit upon? It's sure fine to look upon.

Re: Rohlfs Inspired Desk Chair 2

Beautiful chair. I'm wondering, though, what would it look like if the front legs echoed the lines of the back? Maybe awful, who knows....

Re: Banjo 13

Nice. How many hours go into such a project?

Re: Child's cremation casket.

Only compassionate and caring hands could make a thing as sad and beautiful as that. Peace to all of you who have needed to.

Re: Teardrop tailer project

Sure like a look at the inside and the back end compartment. Nice trailer you've built there.

Re: Entertainment Center and Storage Cabinets (Knock Down Design)

Like to see it in its knocked-down state. Beautiful, practical woodworking project here.


Now that's a fun project. Well done.

Re: Cove and Pin Drawer

Wow, what a showy joint. Any chance you could share more about how you created that joint?

Re: Japanese kumiko andon lamp

You've done it. You've made the most exacting, difficult joinery on every other project posted here look humble in comparison with this project. Amazing work.

Re: Mouse Cabinet

Your creepy little mouse gets a pass because of those dovetails. They look like something that might have emerged from King Tut's tomb. Excellent, fresh design.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Esherick, Maloof, Nakashima: Homes of the Master Wood Artisans by Tina Skinner

Looking forward to reading that book. (Doubly so if you give me a free copy.) I've never seen the inside of their homes, but have had the good fortune of being able to see the inside of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen several times. Creating a unique place to live, that they seem to share.

Re: Cabinet, China Display

Just when I think I can't be surprised again along comes another unique and beautiful design. Big thumbs up here.

Re: Desk

Seems inspired from nature. Excellent design.


A fine-looking plane there, Fauzi. What angle is that blade set at?

Re: Swedish Folding Table

Thanks for the extra pictures. A practical design for those with limited space.

Re: Coffee Table

Extraordinary technique. I like it even better on the lighter wood.

Re: Seek First Not to Offend

Gee, meant to say "rein" not "reign." Doesn't appear to be any way to edit comments once they're posted.

Re: Seek First Not to Offend

Good to cover the basics.

You might add Context. You are dealing with a customer who is, likely, unknown to you. A pet peeve of some people is the salesman who wants to immediately act like he/she is your pal. A friendly demeanor is fine, but reign it in already. It takes a bit of effort and time to SINCERELY get to know somebody. Posers just trying to ingratiate themselves to get a sale? They try taking presumptuous shortcuts. Avoid that. It's very disrespectful.

Re: Traditional Solid Mahogany Bookcase

The brass grill is an interesting feature. Do you use that a lot? I'm not familiar with that at all.

Re: Traditional Solid Mahogany Bookcase

Classic look to it. Knobs are in an interesting place. Very nice piece.

Re: Small Demilune Table

I'd say this sophisticated project just bumped you off the "novice" list. Nice work.

Re: Swedish Folding Table

More pictures would be great. Is the plan available anywhere? Oh, and is that a bookcase I see in the background? Looks like a nice one. (Just like this table.) How about some pictures of it? I enjoy your projects as you seem to have very good taste.

Re: Handcarved Southwest Bench

You'll enjoy carving more with some proper tools. When you get them invest some time in learning how to sharpen them...the other part of making carving enjoyable.

Your design suits your project.Southwest style overwhelms some projects, but your take on this bench works for me.

Re: A nautical themed table to hold a ship model.

The truly original pieces are scattered on this gallery. Few are as original and yet traditional as this marvelous project.

Even though I like this table, I have to ask: is that coil of rope essential? It seems to stick out a bit and draw attention to itself as the expense of the table. (A petty observation about a fantastic table.)

Re: Trestle Table

Guess this piece demonstrates the upside of a tornado?

Like the little design twists you've added. That key in your tenon, for instance. Makes it YOUR trestle table...yet it's still recognizably a trestle table.

Re: sideboard

Some woodworkers make shops. Other woodworkers make projects...even with a hacksaw. Hope you come by some better tools as they'll be put to good use in your hands.

Re: Cherry Coffee Table

Those are quite the legs. Anyone prone to stubbing a toe would appreciate them. The table makes me think of a bulldog. I like this piece.

Re: Writing/Computer Desk

The legs are showy and novel, but I'd really like to see this design with a solid wood set of legs under it. It would show off the impressive table more so than the legs. Either way it's a fine piece.

Re: Practice your dovetails while making dinner

Was waiting for you to pull out a brace and bit. Fun video.

Re: Katrina Oak & Sapele Table

Sure like those Shar Pei legs. Very original work.

Re: Our Kitchen Table

A stately trestle table. Fantastic carving. I enjoy seeing woodworkers who take the traditional and make it fresh. Fine job.

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

Human beings are resourceful when it comes to injuring themselves. Don't think it's fair to accuse the radial arm saw of being responsible for a disproportionate share of those injuries. Besides, if you aren't a little intimidated by a tool I'm not sure you properly respect it. I think of those potential disasters each time I reach for its switch and grab hold of its handle.

Every time I see a radial arm saw I see my dad's age of woodworking. That was and is his go-to tool. (He's 79 and still has all his body parts, unsevered, by the way.)He had a green Delta until the neighbor borrowed it and burned it out. Has had a Craftsman ever since. The shop would seem empty without it.

Re: Violin

A beautiful woodworking project...even if of the kit variety. Kudos for wanting to play it, too. Saddest thing ever is to see instruments in the grasping clutches of "investors" who have no intention of playing them. Nice project.


Sorry to crash your family reunion, but just wanted to say this table has a stoutness befitting the oak it is made of and the trestle style itself.

Re: Mahogany Doors

Wonderful doors...but what are they hanging on? Could you add some pictures of that house?

Re: End Tables

Seems to be puzzled together as much as joined. Takes a minute for the mind to comprehend what you've created there...a nice end table.

Re: Arts and Crafts Window Seat; Charles Limbert Design

Stunning, ageless design. One of the few things that will look good in any era. Nice piece.

Re: Bamboo Dining Table

I've been browsing table images online for a couple months. Was looking for a particular trestle table, initially, then it became a quest to see who was making nice tables...trestle or not. Your table stands out among all those I've viewed. Fascinating design, interesting materials, and great skill went into its making. Nice table.

Re: Douglas Fir 2x4s pulled from a dumpster, with left over Wenge from a friend's project

A stunning table despite its humble origin. I admire woodworkers who can look at someone's discards and imagine projects like this fine piece. Thanks for posting it here.

Re: Adirondack style cabinet made from recycled wood

A fun version of Adirondack furniture. And green, to boot. Well done.

Re: Corner Cabinet

A fine bit of recycling there.


A router table from scrap...and a nice one, too. Well done.

Re: cherry footstool

All's well that ends well...and that slab ended well in your hands.

Re: Baby Grand Dining Table from reclaimed wood

Old wood never enjoyed a better fate than ending up in your shop.

Re: Viking Bed - Reclaimed Wood

It would be appreciated in the Norwegian community I live in, too. Your work is so authentic it feels like you dredged it up from the bottom of a fjord.

Re: Curio Cabinet from Shippping Crates and Skids

An honest, simple design of unwanted wood. I like it.

Re: Corner Cool-weather Pantry from Workshop Scraps

A useful and fine-looking cupboard...made from waste, yet. Nice job.

Re: Collapsible foot rest

Clever design and a nice-looking footrest.

Re: Home Renovation, New Doors

The door is amazing. Any chance you could post a photo of that vaulted ceiling?

Re: z chair

One of the more original chair designs I've come across. It looks like it's gathering itself to jump across the room.

Re: "Pump house" Doors

Novel design. Feels almost nautical. I like it.

Re: Erin's Bench

Beautiful bench. Your daughters are fortunate.

Re: Drama on the Table Top

You're having way too much fun. I wouldn't have guessed storytelling could play out this way in furniture design. Excellent work.

Re: The Plant Stand

Very imaginative design. You almost have the feeling it might sneak out of the room when you aren't looking.

Re: Eye Candy

There are a lot of creative people posting their work here, but this thing...this thing jumps off the page. Excellent work.

Re: Celtic Cross

Very impressive work. Those churchgoers will be mesmerized by that cross just as their counterparts were by the granite version of old.

Re: Scimitar Shelves

Nobody will ever notice the books on this piece. What an eye-catching design.

Re: Floating Media Shelves

Brilliant. You found a simple way to a functional, sophisticated (in the best sense) set of shelves.

Re: Celtic Owl

Thanks, coonsy. Being half Irish, half English I felt exactly as you put it "some ancient gut feeling" as I carved that one. Unusually enjoyable project for me.

Re: Making a Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear: Being Green Saves Green and Helps Everyone

A worthy project for many reasons, especially for Grandma's benefit.

Re: Woodman

Some things cannot be described, understood, or, for that matter, properly praised by us commentors. Whatever the heck that thing is or does...it shows a wealth of talent and creativity on your part.

Re: Grandfather Clock

Whimsical as they come. What do children think of that clock? Does it scare them? Enchant them? Make them laugh?

Re: Asian-ish Bookcase

Takes some doing to come up with an unusual-but-functional bookcase. Add to that beauty of its own and a nod to a woodworking tradition. You've impressed me.

Those "horns" look more like an owl's tufts. It will sit there like a squat owl holding considerable wisdom on its shelves.

Re: Hawthorne Case

It's unusual to see a case made for specific books, but that's a fine way to show them off...and protect them.

Re: Christmas Trees

A fun project. Bet they have appreciative owners. Ever try a thinned, green oil paint for a finish and a light-colored wood for a star?

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