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Greene and Greene Inspired Chair

Having some free time over the holidays, I decided to build my first chair.  It borrows heavily from the Greene and Greene design vocabulary and includes leg details from the Blacker House living...

Hall Mirror

This painted poplar mirror frame has a burlap covered cork board above for messages.  The trim is bult up from 4 router profiles. The base molding includes a chalk well for pins, pens etc. The...

Greene and Greene Inspired Gift Boxes

I was playing with some ideas for gift boxes and tried my hand at designing these in the Greene and Greene style.  They are joined with proud finger joints, the bottom incorporates cloud lifts, and...

2 Cherry Jewelry Cabinets

These 18 x 12 inch jewelery cabinets gave me a lot of new experiences.  First time to veneer, first hand cut half blind dovetails, and first time with velvet flocking.  A lot of fun.  Their main...

Greene and Greene Dining Table

This Greene and Greene inspired dining table is made to fit in my mother in law's new home.  The top is 30 x 35 inches.  Solid mahogany with ebony details; I included breadboard ends, cloud lifts...

Cherry Bench

This cherry bench was the last project I started in my Georgia shop. Completed it here in St. Louis.  It's solid cherry with mortise and tenon joinery.  Aniline dye and hand rubbed shellac...

Greene & Greene Inspired Coffee Table

The 36 x 60 inch dimensions were prescribed by my wife for this Greene and Greene inspired coffee table.  Solid mahogany with ebony details; I included breadboard ends, cloud lifts on the aprons...

Tony's Basement Shop

My unfinished walk out basement included a "boat" garage and a framed out bedroom next to it.  I appropriated this space for my shop.  The walls are simply painted 1/2inch plywood and the...

Hanging Tool Cabinet

As I've been using hand tools more and more, I found myself storing them all over my shop.  Inspired by Henry Studley's famous tool cabinet (but nowhere near as good), and the numerous examples...

Cherry Footstool

My son wanted a footstool for his dorm and gave me a photo that inspired this design.  Simple half lapped on the faces with mortise and tennons at the stretchers.  A very basic leather...

Greene and Greene Inspired Mahjong Table

Inspired by Greene and Greene’s design vocabulary, I built this mahogany Mahjong table as a commission for a game room.   It includes the Blacker style leg, cloud lift details, and...

Miter Saw/Planer Stand

I was thrilled when I opend up Fine Woodworking Issue 209.  I've been doodling plans for my own convertable miter saw/planer staion, and John White had exactly what I was hoping to do.  He...


Inspired by Lon Schleining's The Workbench, Scott Landis' The Workbench Book, and articles and videos from Fine Woodworking,I built this 31" x 72" x 36"tall workbench with a maple trestle and...

Walnut and Birch Jewelry Box

Walnut and flame birch with ebony miter splines.  Finished with padded shellac, rubbed out and waxed to fairly high gloss. 

Recent comments

Re: Wedge and Strap Arts & Crafts Dresser

Nicely done and beautifully executed.

Re: Greene and Greene Inspired Mahjong Table

The top is 46 inches square. Standard table height.

Re: Tony's Basement Shop


No noise issues. I fully insulated the internal walls and ceilings to cut out the noise. My wife has to call me with the intercom – it works both ways.

Re: Miter Saw/Planer Stand


I made separate bases for both the miter saw and my planer (each is of a different height). You can probably just make out the bases in the photos. These bases are fixed to the tools. I have positioning dowels that get both tools in the right spot. These also align tee bolts in the top that fix them to the stands.

Not much fuss to change over. First unscrew 2 knobs, pull the pins. Move the first tool out, and the second in. Position with the dowels and then screw in the knobs.

Fast and secure.

Good luck.

Re: Greene & Greene style bookcase

Nice job. As I understand it, G&G and the Hall Brothers finished the backs of every piece. As a divider or not, it's consistent with their workmanship.

Re: Chest Table inspired by Greene & Greene

I'm an admirer of G&G. This is a wonderful interpretation of their style and beautifuly executed.

Re: Hanging Tool Chest

Very nice!

2 questions, what are the dimensions? Also, I can't see from the photo; what's in the cubbies above the drawers?

Re: Workbench


In each of the 4 legs there are 3/4 inch dowels that mate with the top. Along the top stretchers, I added cleats for additional dowels or lag screws, but the top is so massive that they weren't needed. The top simply rests on the legs and the dowels resist any movement of the top even when muscling through the last stroke with a plane before re-sharpening.

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