Vermillion, SD, US

former machinist (had to quit because of health problems)
partially disabled with chronic pain and arthritis
amateur wood worker, slowly building my shop with the following tools:

Hegner Scroll Saw

Craftsman 17" Drill Press w/ Laser-Trac
Model 152.229010

Craftsman 10" Table Saw
Model 152.221240

Delta 12 1/2" Planer
Model 22-560

Jet Dust Collector
Model DC-1100A

Cal Hawk Combination Sander
6" x 48" Belt - 9" Disc

Tool Shop Combination Sander
1" x 42" Belt - 8" Disc

Porter Cable air compressor
60 gallon upright
Model CPLC7060V

Craftsman 2hp 10amp Digital Router
Model 315.175170

American Eagle Router Table

Gender: Male

Recent comments

Re: Shop Talk Live 5: Compounding Errors

you said it right at 6:25 you should have quit talking!

Re: The Story Behind the Government's Pending Tablesaw Ruling

There is a lot of good points from most everyone here and i agree with what wbillmc said about how dangerous cigarettes are and the only thing the govt did was put a warning label on them, and the same thing should be done with SawStop.
Why isn't there blade stopping technology on Bic shavers to keep them from nicking me and spewing blood everywhere!

The Osorio lawsuit is the dumbest damn thing i ever heard of, well, i take that back; that stupid old hag that put the hot coffee in a Styrofoam cup between her legs and sued McDonalds when the cup collapsed and burned her is the biggest stupid ass thing ever.
But anyone using a saw with all the safety equipment removed is a moron and deserves nothing but instead won millions for his ignorance!

SawStop technology is one amazing invention but should be a persons choice to own it and not mandatory.

Re: Fine Woodworking on the David Letterman Show

that was very cool, thanks for posting and also cool to know an actor/comedian is also a skilled woodworker and an author for one of the best wood mags available.

i wonder how many other actors or famous people are into woodworking? i know Harrison Ford started out as a carpenter before hitting it big in American Graffiti.
i think that would make a great story for FWW to do.

Re: New Hot Rod Powered Drivers from DeWalt

i wish they would say how much the drill weighs with battery?
it has to be lower then my 18v DC759, a lot lower. my battery
probably weighs as much as this new drill alone? i love this
new slim lined battery, makes the drill look much more manageable.
now i just need to start saving some money, a lot of money! :-(

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Here is my avatar, just a pic of me after i won the South Dakota state indoor archery tournament around a dozen years ago or so. anyway, i like cookies... any kind of cookies!

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

this truly is sad news! i grew up with Norm and i cant remember a weekend without seeing him on my television.
i hate to say it but i am just now getting into woodworking this year and i owe it to him by just wishing i had an ounce of his talent, and if i did i could produce some really amazing items.
Norm, you will be missed but will live on in re-runs and good luck with all your future endeavors.

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