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Re: UPDATE: Furniture Design & Construction by Graham Blackburn

Ooooh, yes please!

Re: A Barrel Chair --part 2

David, which renderer did you use for the top image?

Re: Growth of the Shop Drawing Package

I have access to my network in my 'shop. All my designs sit on my office laptop, and I have an old laptop in the shop with just SU, CutList Plus, Open Office (for spreadsheets) and iTunes (to access the music collection on the main 'puter) installed on it. The only thing I regularly print out these days is a cut list as I find it handy to have around when roughing out parts.

But then I do work from home so setting up a physical network is easy. :-)

Re: UPDATE: Blanket Chests by Scott Gibson and Peter Turner

Ooh, yes please!

Re: The Right Way to Approach It

Also when copy-rotating the staves, I would copy from the left hand corner of the stave the the right hand one, then you don't need to know how many degrees it is.

Re: The Right Way to Approach It


To get the circles to scale about their centres you can set their axes to the centre of the circle first.

Re: How to make a "solid wood" top from plywood

Re: Quick and Easy Flutes

How right you are.

SU has some odd misfeatures.

Re: Quick and Easy Flutes

I've just given it a try. It's not necessary to do the rotation step, and this leaves the flute at the correct dimension. You can select and drag the bottom 12 segments of the circle downwards quite happily.

Re: Quick and Easy Flutes

That's brilliant Dave.

Re: Where's My Component?

Sorry Dave but that's not it.

In a new file I just drew a rectangle selected it and went to create a component - checkbox ticked.

Then I added a new line coming from one of the corners of the rectangle and left it unselected. Go to create a component and the checkbox is still ticked.

I then cleared the selection and re-made it. The checkbox is still ticked.

All this in SU Pro 8 using the brand new release, but it is also the same on last week's version on my other PC. Not thaat it's your problem of course.

Re: Where's My Component?

Another mis-feature of SU. It really ought to remember the state of the checkbox, and not set it randomly.

Re: Flutes on the Pilasters

Tim, Yes, the prompts on the solid operations ought to be a little more helpful.

Re: Flutes on the Pilasters

Tim, Why don't you use the Subtract tool? Subtract flute from pilaster - job done (after repeating 4 times), no messing around with multiple leftover parts, no unwanted faces to be deleted.

Re: More Than One Way

Oh, and skip step two.

Re: More Than One Way

Hi Dave,

You forgot the Push/Pull method. Start as for your Follow Me method then at step 3 push the face you have shown as selected. Repeat on the other outer face.

Re: Updated with Video: Making a Shaker Knob

The holes problem is a royal PITA and shouldn't happen. Please vote for the suggesation that I made on the Google site that they should address this isue. You can find the question here:

Also please spread the word.

Re: Need a bandsaw? Make it!

Hobbyist - one who practices a hobby
Hobbiest - the most hobbi member of a group of three or more.

Re: When You Have Your Accident

One rule I have in the shop is that if I make three mistakes in a day, and it doesn't matter how small or silly those mistakes are, I shut up shop. I'd rather lose a day's work than a finger.

Re: iPad and Woodworking?

I wonder how SU would work on an iPad? I think you really need a mouse with a scroll button to be effective. I hate it when I go out on a job, forget to pack my mouse, and have to use the thouchpad on my laptop. Ugh!

Re: This secret cost me $20,000, but I'll let you have it for free.

Am I missing something here? Where's the secret? All I can see of the O.P. is:

What about you? If your woodworking is part of your livelihood what's been your experience with starting your business and entrepreneurship?

Let's keep the conversation going below.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

I don't suppose there's much chance of you sending them to the UK, but here goes anyway.

Re: Upholstering Your Furniture

Hi Dave,

I tried several times to download it, and used several ZIP programs to try to open it all to no avail. However Josef (the writer of the program) has e-mailed me a ZIP file which works fine. So many thanks to Josef, excellent service.

Re: Upholstering Your Furniture

Hi Dave,

Your link seems to point to a file that is not valid, at least from WinZIP's p.o.v. I have sent an e-mail to the author about this, so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Re: Using the Shape Bender Plugin

Hi Dave,

There is an easier way (at least i think its easier) to get the rotate tool to change its axis, which has the added bonus of allowing you to rotate about ANY axis. When setting the initial rotation point, click and then drag in the direction that you want to use as the axis. You can use all the usual inferences to rotate parallel to any of the axes, additionaly you can use any pair of points to set an axis in any other direction, including ones not in any of the basic planes.

Re: The Effectiveness of Imported Scanned Images

I too suffered from scanner failure a while back. I used my digital camera instead. :D

Re: Guide Lines, Guide Points, and Linear Guides

One thing I keep forgetting how to do, and had hoped to see in this post, was placing a guide point at the centre of a circle - like the one seen in your images above. The trick is to right click on the circle and select 'Point at center' from the context menu.

Re: Creating a Project Plan in SketchUp

Hi Dave,

When I do scenes like these I use separate layers for each scene. Often I also have some layers that are common to more than one scene, containing the stuff which does not change between them. Is there any reason you don't do them this way?


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