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Walnut Coffee Table

This table was designed and built as part of my second semester at the Sheridan College (Oakville, ON, Canada) furniture design program. We were tasked to create a table with a drawer under 6 sq ft...

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Re: Walnut Coffee Table

Thanks! They were a good experiment, although, I hand cut dovetails for the first drawer box and had to toss it because it didn't fit well enough once I had made the slides. Oh well...

Re: Is Danish Modern the furniture style of our time?

Just some food for thought.

I read an interview with Sam Maloof where he was responding to criticism that over his career he relied to heavily on the same designs with very similar aesthetic. His response was (and I'm paraphrasing here) that he did this because he felt these designs were timeless and therefore he didn't need to update his thinking to better fit a changing aesthetic in late 20th century design.

I think this is especially relevant now that you've connected Maloof's style to that of Danish Modern. I believe the reason it has remained prevalent, whether directly or indirectly, is because of the timeless qualities it has that furniture lovers from many backgrounds can admire. Like Asa said, it is something that grows on you.

Re: How to make a "solid wood" top from plywood

You're certainly right about racking and it makes sense that it's intended function would not put it up against too many stresses. I asked because I really like the clean look of the whole piece and was wondering how it would stay together. I've never heard of glue size either so that is interesting that it can prevent glue from being absorbed into what is essentially end grain. I'll be interested to hear what my teacher has to say on the matter (Peter Fleming of Sheridan College). All in all though, very nice piece (I love the floating top and will certainly be trying that in some future projects).

Re: Record Player & Xbox stereo stand-SEATTLE, Wa

Solid wood, even better! I figured there must be some sort of accommodation for the xbox that I wasn't seeing... Nicely done sir.

Re: How to make a "solid wood" top from plywood

So you mean to say that those miter joints kept the table from racking? I would have thought at the very least it would need to my reinforced with a spline or that it had hidden joinery of some sort. Interested to hear your thoughts.

Re: Record Player & Xbox stereo stand-SEATTLE, Wa

Very nice piece, I like the contrast between the salvaged fronts and the exterior veneer (or at least that's what I think it is from the pictures). One consideration is providing adequate ventilation for the xbox since they tend to overheat when confined to tight quarters. Perhaps some food for thought if you revisit this design later on.


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