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Re: Watch someone turn a lamp shade (it's better than that sounds, really)

Very cool to see how that was done. Excellent display of skill. I like the warm effect of the lamp. That would be great with rustic decor. Wonder how much movement that will have?

I thought the video was well produced as well. Speeding it up and adding interesting music (which I liked a lot) is much better for this type of thing than a slow tutorial style vid.

Too bad the comments got off to such a negative start. To think of all the wood laying in the woods rotting, thrown into fireplaces or made into disposable furniture. Keep in mind he's starting with the whole log. Not boards that end up producing an amount of waste when milled from the log, then again when milled in the shop.

Re: Shop Talk Live 3: Diminishing Returns

Hey guys, about time you put something like this together! I listen to audio podcasts on my way to work and was happy to see that you were doing something available via audio. Glad you got the sound sorted out. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of the sound effects. Perhaps used sparingly? Do appreciate the sense of humor though and keeping things light.

I looked up New Hope, PA immediately after the podcast and found I live only about 20 minutes away in NJ (moved here less than 2 years ago). Definitely will be making a pilgrimage there. Many thanks Ed!

I do think you need to make this easier to find on the web site. I found it on iTunes and subscribed (audio), but then came to the site to check out the video and leave this note. Very hard to find without searching. A dedicated page for the series with links to subscribe via iTunes would be helpful. Some people don't use iTunes but subscribe to "podcasts" via the direct URL. Making that available could be done on the show's home page too. Lastly, if you announced this in the regular email I missed it. This is a great series and worth getting the word out.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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