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Re: Hand Tools Reinvented

Mr. Wong's work is innovative, original, beautiful, and fascinating. The work displayed is that of a master artist.
I am both jealous and inspired. i hope he will chose to work full time as an artist as their is little doubt of his success.

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

The real issue is the corruption of the court systems in the US. The Judge is an attorney, the laws are written by attorneys, and both plaintiff and defendant were required to have attorneys. In these lawsuits, every attorney is a winner, either directly or indirectly. Fairness and justice take a back seat to greed from the attorneys. The Judges are the worst of all, with a very high percentage being active alcoholics and thus not only corrupt but impaired.
Legal decisions are written in a manner to allow for appeals, and often are 50+ pages long, which of course means more billable hours for the attorneys.
It is time to cap attorney payments, much as has been done with physicians. No attorney's labors compare with that of say a cardiothoracic surgeon performing a heart transplant ion, so lets cap attorneys' maximum total payment for a case and all of its appeals to what a the physician is paid for the transplant, for cases where the plaintiffs case involved risk of death. For lesser cases they could be compensated for the equivalent of a hemmorhoid removal. Judges should be sanctioned if more than 3% of their decisions are overturned (Note that the Federal 8th circuit court of appeals is, when their decisions are reviewed, overturned by the US Supreme Court 79% of the time in the last decade, Incompetence or corruption?) The legal system permits gross incompetence by judges throughout all levels. The idiot judge in this case is no worse than the idiot judge who allowed a lawsuit to proceed against a Brit rock band who allegedly produced a record that when played in reverse made noises that could be interpreted as the words, "do it" and thus caused the plaintiff's son to commit suicide.

Re: Neckties and Tablesaws Just Don't Mix

Can they also pass a law eliminating stupidity while they are at it or are they afraid that would eliminate too many, if not all, of the legislators and judges?
Can the half wit legislator also pass a law that prevents idiots from removing and disabling the technology he is proposing? Of course that's the crux of all this BS - the lawsuit involving the worker who was: not given any training in use of a tablesaw; had no personal knowledge of using one; removed all the safety devices on the tablesaw before hacking his hand up. Of course he can't be held responsible because there wasn't a billboard mounted on the saw telling him not to use the table saw in the bath tub or shower nor to disconnect the safety equipment that prevents hacking your hand. Of course the bilingual instruction manual warns of this - but hey who reads instruction manuals anyway? And the employer who hired the "victim" can't be expected to instruct his own employees in use of power tools and tool safety because he doesn't have enough money to quench the greed of the lawyers. So it must be the tool manufacturer for failing to prevent people from disabling the tool safety equipment and hacking themselves up. The UK has pretty much banned the use of ladders due to the cost of injuries to their health system. And some countries are considering banning knives without rounded tips because people are being stabbed. Of course they are ignorant of what one can do with a grinder to a round tip. Soon they'll have to ban sticks and stones (cuz they can break bones!) Life is sooo scary!

Re: Huge advances in woodworking technology

I would prefer straight carbide double sided blades for my DeWalt 735. When the steel blades are new, they produce a mirror like finish. Why DeWalt does not produce such blades is an example of a company that does not listen to its customers. DeWalt makes the best portable planer but puts the worst blades in it (as far a s lifespan). By doing so, DeWalt simply opens the door for other manufacturers to produce planers just as Detroit made Honda/Toyota possible.

PS: LOL @ the comments regarding precision in meaning. I want to hear what they have to say about the language of politicians next.

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

My German kitchen knives do not have flesh sensing technology so it is possible for me to cut off my nose to spite my face. Obviously this would be someone else's fault. But would a flesh sensing safety device keep me from carving up rare steaks?
Obviously if I drive drunk as a skunk, with under-inflated, worn out tires, brakes that are shot, while performing Clinton like acts with a woman half my age, while texting with my cell phone to buy more alcohol, and crash into a school bus full of kids, the cell phone company is to blame because it did not install flesh sensing technology - or should that be alcohol sensing? Now I confused. I going to take a shower with my hairdryer - its OK cuz' I removed the warning label.
The truth is that our courts are run by crooked judges who allow suits to proceed where the responsibility for the bad event was clearly the not the defendant's. This moron judge would make all tools unavailable/unaffordable using his alcohol twisted logic and there would be no difference in injuries since fools would still remove or deactivate the safety devices.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Obviously Ryobi pushed this man's hand right into the blade so they must be guilty. Now if he had cut off his head, the award rightfully would have been only $1. The fact that no tablesaw was available with such safety devices in 2006 and that no one was sure of Sawstop's device at the time or whether people would pay for it of course was not important to the "MY OPINION" stupid ignorant greedy jurors and crooked judge. Why let reality enter into the courtroom.
People all over the world laugh at us for the warning labels that the crook lawyers have made necessary to avoid liability - hairdryers being a case in point, "Do not use while in shower or bath tub." Ryobi should have insisted this guy not have or use electricity ever again as part of the settlement.
I have the Sawstop professional tablesaw -I bought it for because of the quality and the safety device. I also own a Bosch contractor saw and have never injured myself except with a chisel. Can I sue the chisel manufacturer?

Re: What are The Turning Points Along Your Woodworking Path?

I started woodworking when I became disabled and needed a cane. The horrible aluminum canes were both ugly and uncomfortable. I looked for custom canes through the internet and bought a $100 cane that looked nice but was uncomfortable. So I went to Woodcraft and bought a concave spokeshave, some Jatoba, and made a cane that was comfortable and looked nice. Out of necessity and dumb luck, I was able to come up with a design for a Lady's handle that was a big hit. I later switched to the Lie-Neilson Boggs concave spokeshave, learned to sharpen (with 3M honing films), and have made many dozens of canes since then that I donate to friends and others. The next step up in quality was obtaining Auriou rasps so that the fit and finish of the canes is now perfect. I decided I liked woodworking so I ended up with a real workshop and all the equipment in the basement. Last addition a Sawstop Professional tablesaw which is allowing me to expand what I make. The biggest problem is the lack of project plans for furniture - it takes me forever to design something from scratch. My last project was a half dozen Sapele shoe racks - I'm sure I'll be making more. Next step is veneering. I'm not able to go to woodworking classes but I bought a bunch of books and several magazine subscriptions (FWW!) but as lohg as I keep reading I keep improving.

Re: Who Begot Who? Comparing Planes from Lie-Nielsen, Wood River and Stanley

For those of you who are focused on cost, let'sget with the program. Brian Boggs was so broke when he first started, he made his first chisel from a screwdriver and would recycle pieces of fence for constructing work benches - none of this expensive Chinese made tools that cost over a hundred dollars.
Lie-Nielson products are wonderful for beginners like myself. I don't have the skills to completely evaluate a plane's dimensions and correct the defects nor am I interested in developing those skills. It was enough to learn how to sharpen tools and then to use them properly and to pick the right tool. I know that I will never have any trouble re-selling my planes, and that they will last my lifetime.
I have gradually replaced almost all the bargain tools I once owned and the results are that I enjoy woodworking much more and my wife now asks me to make things around for our home. So these L/N planes make my wife happy too and how much is THAT worth? It pays for the planes!
For those who are into the bitter "rich man/poor man arguments," I repeat Oscar Wilde's oft quoted remark, "The cynic is the man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing." L/N is something I had to wait for in my life and they are a joy to use. The same with Auriou rasps - they really are that much better and my works shows it, plus it feels so much better using these tools.

Re: Calling all benchtop warriors

I love my Dewalt 13 in planer (#735), the Jet 10/20 drum sander, and numerous Festool tools. My woodshop is completely portable, all on mobile shop tables that allow me flexibility.

Re: Cutting-edge High School Woodworking Program Thrives in Ohio

I had to look at this clock again. I really believe it is museum quality work and I am stunned at the workmanship, detail, and originality. I rarely am impressed with the art nouveau we see in modern art galleries but this is inspirational, beautiful, whimsical, and very original - I hope to see it in a museum. I hope Hannah that you make some companion pieces to go with the clock.

Re: Cutting-edge High School Woodworking Program Thrives in Ohio

This is beautiful. I am so impressed with the talent and hard work that went into all these creations. I am very jealous.

Re: Cutting-edge High School Woodworking Program Thrives in Ohio

Please tell Hanna, "WOW!" Does she have talent or what? I am so impressed that anyone could make such an Alice in Wonderland creation. I am sure she has a great career ahead of her.

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