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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

In answer to some questions raised below:
Unless the plaintif was physically knocked into the blade, or the blade lept up out of the machine, then, yes, he did something he should not have done and caused his own injury. Pushsticks work flawlessly. Space between hand and blade will work every time - every time.

$120 is a MAJOR increase in the cost of a $300 saw. It is easily the margin between having a saw and not having one for a great many buyers. But that is only a down payment - you have to add the cost of replacing the brake mechanism each and every time if you are going to make a habit of sticking your hand in the blade.

Gass is an idiot. HE may feel "vindication" now, but he will be sued - and probably ruined - by someone hurt or killed when his gee-wizz gadget misfires (dirt, corrosion, assembly error), or by kickback ("Friends of the jury, they promised that I couldn't get hurt if I bought a Sawstop!"

I have a set of chisels, two sets of kitchen knives, eight or ten handsaws (including a really viscous limb saw), a chainsaw, and a pocket knife which can cause grievous bodily harm. Tell me, Massachusetts judge, how are you going to add Sawstop to those?

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