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Re: STL 51: Used Diapers in the Workshop?

Hi, guys. I've been listening to your podcast while working in my workshop (ok, I haven't yet heard about the diapers-that's next up) this afternoon. In regards to the Nexabond 2500, I would like to recommend that you try it for mitered corner glue ups. No splines, biscuits, loose tenons. However, you might want to consider working the cyanoacrylate into the endgrain with a thin piece of wood or a thick piece of cardboard and putting glue on both pieces. You still get minimal squeeze out. And using the longer setting version of the Nexabond also seems like a good idea. I used the Blokkz clamping blocks and did one corner at a time. It's the trim around a floating panel top for a nightstand. Two months success rate so far.

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