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Re: You Can't Beat the Physics of Kickback

Not mentioned here, but while the SawStop won't prevent kickback, it will save your fingers, but by then the workpiece has become a missile...

Re: Death at Yale University a Sad Reminder for Shop Safety Vigilance

SawStop has greatly reduced the risk of table saw injury, and a recent court case suggests it will become a standard mandated by insurance companies, if not the government. Can a similarly-mandated LatheStop be far behind? And DrillPressStop, and who knows what else?

Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

Hmmm. I've got a copy of the Constitution right here, and I'm failing to find anything in there that gives Congress the specific authority to regulate table saws.

Re: Play Against the Grain: The Wrong Way to Rip

I went from +200 down to -240 points trying to find the right place to click to indicate the lack of a guard and/or riving knife. Finally saw it lying on the table, but it would really be nice if you provided an "I give up" button as a last resort.

It cost me a piece of thumb before I finally stopped doing stupid things with my beat-up old Craftsman table saw. Its replacement, a Bosch portable, makes it much easier to be safe. The Sawstop or a tracksaw are wonderful options, but neither my budget, nor my space, nor my needs can justify them.

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