Mike Lonchambon, Houston, TX, US

I started working with wood 15 years ago, while remodeling a friends old home. He made furniture, and I learned bits here and there from him. In time, I also purchased and old house and began to fix it up. I started studying furniture design, wood species, joinery, etc. and then began to tool up to make my own furniture. I've been designing and building ever since.

Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/31/1969

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Coffee table

I designed this table for a client. I was free to choose the materials, but I was given specific measurements. The base is made of Maple. The legs are tapered and the frame members are all tapered to...

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Re: Coffee table

Oh yeah. The under bevel was done to soften the top a bit, but also to reveal both the Zebra and the Walnut on the long edges. The thin Zebrawood strips were a late add. It's much harder than the Walnut, and it will stand up better to bumps and knocks.

I really like the combination of Peruvian Walnut and Zebrawood. The colors blend absolutely perfectly.

Re: Coffee table

Thanks. This is actually the first thing I've made in nearly 3 years. I was without a shop for some time.

No. I used the wipe-on poly/oil blend the old fashioned way.

I rubbed it down with 0000 steel wool between coats. I put around 6 coats on the top and 4 on the base. I enjoy this process. It's a "cool down" from designing and building. While I'm finishing, I think about designs for my next project.

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