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Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

Now that I look at this, though, I think we may be looking at this wrong.. In truth, this is a nut slicer, not a tablesaw, so tablesaw rules don't apply.. this a similar concept to the fact that you can get a ticket for driving a 4 door sedan without a seatbelt, but should you decide to ride a motorcycle, you can do so, in shorts and flipflops, without a helmet, and take a similar near-naked person with you, at 70 mph and no one will say a word...

Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

I have seen homemade table saws made with a piece of plywood, and a universal arbor, that the table tilted to adjust the height of the blade.and i have also seen, and worked with, a handheld circular saw, mounted upside down to a piece of plywood.
Table saw safety, in reality boils down to a concept that is not in favor right at the moment, the concept that the condition of one's fingers is your own personal responsibility, and if you want to keep them, you will pay attention.

Re: New Woodworking Machinery Maker Hits the Ground Running

As long as companies can buy product cheaper than they can make it, they will do so. The Chinese workers have done the same thing that American workers did, asKing for higher wages, and more benefits. The industry that I deal with has seen some Mfg return to the US, as the higher wages combined with long lead times, and shipping, have exceeded the mfg cost in the US.

Re: CNC is Knocking on Your Shop Door. Will You Answer?

I don't find this to be a problem, at least not to me as a hobbiest.If I was running a production shop, i would buy one.
As it is, I have sufficent power tools to do what I want to do.
And most people are more over-awed at hand cut dovetails, than speed and precision, most of us probably should go back to hand tools...

Jim Austin.

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

I'm happy with my radial arm..I use it on every project I do.
It's a 10 inch 1986 model craftsman. I also own a miter saw, a contracter style tablesaw, and a bench top tablesaw.
and I'm thinking about replaceing the mitersaw with a slider.
I like the radial arm because of it's cross cut capacity.. I never, ever, never, rip with it, even though it does a good job of it.
I also never, ever, never cross-cut with my tablesaws.. to me that is as dangerous as ripping with the RA.
If you buy best quality blades, keep them sharp, respect your tool, and keep your hands away from the blade, you greatly reduce your chance of getting hurt, Most of the people I know that have got hurt, were either where they shouldn't be, or trying to make the tool do something it shouldn't.. or in a hurry.
Would I buy another one ? Yes, but only if the one I have now went belly-up....

Re: Wanted: Photos of your Shop

Looks dubious that these are real shops...there are no piles of sawdust, and woodscraps, or abandoned half-finished projects......

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Ryobi may have lost the first round on this, but the appeal will go before a judge...And then the question should be asked:
"did you read your instruction manual?"
" did it say keep your hands at least six inches away?"
" why didn't you do this?"

"If you knew the technology was available, why didn't you buy that saw?"

Ryobi most likely will win on appeal...

Jim A.

Re: The Woodworking Shows

I'll be at the St Louis show also..

For you other married guys...my wife buys me a ticket to this every year for Valentines Day..
this year I'll be there on Friday afternoon and probably Sunday afternoon....

I would still like to vote for making the video...

Jim Austin

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