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Curved Seat Bench

To bend the wood for the seat, I soaked 1/4" Oak strips....put them in a bending jig....clamped it.  Glued the 5 layers separately into one unit.  Grain filler and 4 coats of finish.

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Re: My First Big Frame

Very appropriate frame style for the subject matter....hope you have a Kenworth full of that moulding. What kind of finish did you apply?

Re: Curved Seat Bench

Good question, DionsaurPets....I buzz sawed 2x Oak into 1 3/4" and 1 1/4" wide strips.....1/4" thick. Seat is about 18" long....and 12 wide. I'm guessing there's about 45 - 50 strips. I cleaned up the edges after the soaking and drying process..... glued alternating width strips together (edge to edge). I now have 5 bent sheets. Applied lots of glue to the sheets and put the assembled piece in C-Clamps. Cleaned up all 4 edges after the glue dried and finished it off with a palm sander. The bending technique was straight forward.....I laminated 6 - 2x6's together....drew a curved line on one edge (this curve produces the curve for the strips)...ran it though the Band Saw. I layered the wet strips into the curved jig....set the other half of the jig on the stack and bar clamped it solid. I let it sit a couple years to dry thoroughly in my green house. Steam Bending would speed the process along significantly. But I've got lots of time.

Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

I'm impressed. Wonderful from start to finish.

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