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Re: Cherry Sideboard w/ steam bent doors

Hello, a very nice piece and a niece wood selection.
I'm a novice when it comes to steam bending.
Did you bend the individual door parts (rails and style) or did you steam bend the assembled door? Is that even possible?
How acceptable is cherry to steam bending when comparing to other woods like oak, ash, beech or maple?
Best regards from Germany Michael

Re: Greene and Greene Influenced Queen Bed

Hello Ivan,
great piece of furniture.
Could you comment / explain how you did the boletian inlay. There is hardly any literature in the web, explaining this technique.
Best regards from Germany


Re: Arts and Crafts Extension Dining Table and Chairs

Dear pintodeluxe,
great table, very good work.
What I would like to know, how does the extension mechanism function? I see in one picture some sort of a pinion and a toothed wheel.

Best regards from Germany Michael
e-mail: michael_meerkamp@yahoo.com

Re: Kitchen table and chairs

Great job, great craftsmanship.
Could you please describe how you made the cherry inlays in the chair rails (manual or via CNC routing).
Could you show some detail of the chairs, especially the leather seat cover (how is the seat base constructed and how the covering with leather was done)
Best regards from Germany Michael

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