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Arts and Crafts fireplace surround

Back in the fall, SWMBO and I had to replace the drywall in 2 rooms to insulate and repair a sagging ceiling. The project snowballed (it was supposed to just be a ceiling) and when we were almost...

Greene and Greene inspired coffee table

This Greene and Greene styled coffee table is made primarily of cherry with walnut and ebony accents. It is approximately 24" x 50" x 18.5"   The inlay in the middle of the top is composed of ebony...

Arts and Crafts speaker stands

I have an old pair on BIC Formula 4 speakers that have been an eyesore since I can remember.  They sound great, but are huge,bulky and covered in a hideous imitation walnut vinyl sheetnbsp...

Arts and Crafts media cabinet

I built this unit to store our collection of DVDs and CDs which had gotten out of hand. Its dimensions were determined by the size of a CD/DVD case and the width of our current TV.The case is cherry...

Arts and Crafts Bed

I have finally completed my Queen sized bed.  Regrettably, the light was not ideal for photography with my dated digital camera.  I have incorporated several ideas that I liked from a...

Whistle Boxes

These simple boxes contain a matched pair of cuckoo whistles, the kind that are available as replacements for cuckoo clocks.  The taller box has longer whistles in it so its tone is deeper than...

Cherry Dresser

I just finished this cherry dresser.  The main unit is made from cherry with a lot of defects and character, probably why it cost about a dollar a board foot.  Its a lot of extra work but...

Recent comments

Re: Hummingbirds Folding screen


Re: Cherry Credenza

Nice! I can't believe no one has commented on this yet.
Good lines and dimensions, well executed!
Any chance on sharing the dimensions?

Re: bungalow entrance door

Simply wonderful.

Re: Best Kickback Ever: Pepsi's Super Bowl Ad

LOL, great commercial!

Re: Dining table with inlay


Re: Cherry Dresser

If you download and install Google Sketchup (its free), you can load the file I've made available (in the link on this page) ... "Cherry dresser in Sketchup format" into the program and get all of the dimensions I used to build it.

Re: Cherry Dresser

Sure, NP. I just need to clean it up a bit. Give me a few days.

Re: "Cave Box"

Nice, very nice.

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